Halo Infinite cheaters are already causing issues for 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's multiplayer isn't even fully out yet, but it's already being plagued by cheaters.

Cheating is almost always going to be an issue in games, especially free-to-play multiplayer titles. It's no longer a matter of if and when, but rather, what lengths a developer is willing to go through to make sure that there are minimal cheaters in their games. Although 343 Industries is not new to the video game industry, Halo Infinite is the studio's first free-to-play release. Now, 343 is learning just how quickly cheaters will overrun a game if your anti-cheat measures aren't powerful enough to keep them out.

The complete lack of anti-cheat measure for Halo Infinite's "beta" could end up causing serious problems for 343 Industries down the line.

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343 is having a hard time with Halo Infinite cheaters

Only time will tell if 343 Industries can do enough to keep cheaters away from Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer got a surprise launch last week, which meant that cheaters weren't able to fully prepare for the game's release. Unfortunately, it hasn't taken cheaters long to find out how to break into what is effectively the game's multiplayer beta. Already, Halo Infinite is being swarmed by cheaters playing Halo Infinite on the PC. It's gotten so bad that players are asking to disable cross-play if only because the majority of cheaters are coming from the PC platform.

In the past, 343 has promised that it will implement state-of-the-art anti-cheat technology for Halo Infinite. So far, this isn't the case. Of course, Halo Infinite is still in its beta with the full launch expected to arrive on December 8.

At the moment, the cheating in Halo Infinite involves unnaturally good aim and wallhacks. To make matters worse, it appears that 343 is not doing anything to mitigate the complaints in the interim. All players can do right now is to report the person suspected of cheating, but 343 doesn't really take action yet, so reporting doesn't exactly do much if anything at all.

We can only hope that 343 pulls through with its earlier promise and unleashes a powerful anti-cheat program for Halo Infinite in December. If not, then Halo Infinite could quickly squander all the goodwill that it's built from gamers who are absolutely loving nearly everything about Halo Infinite except the cheaters and its battle pass.

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