Two More Halo Infinite Characters Leaked by Toy Company

After disappointing fans in 2020 by delaying what was supposed to be a big Xbox Series X launch title, 343 Industries has been trying its best to make it up to its fans by providing regular updates on Halo Infinite.

The latest Halo Infinite leak involves a previously leaked character and a new Spartan expected to make an appearance in Halo Infinite.

The game's developers have also taken full advantage of the extra time afforded to them by the delay. In recent months, 343 Industries have added new features to the game like dynamic weather and improved visuals, among many others items.

Unfortunately, while the periodic updates for Halo Infinite are very much welcome, the developer team has yet to provide a release window, let alone a release date.

If it's any consolation though, we've seen a couple of gameplay details leak in recent months.

Spartan Stone and Spartan Griffin Are Heading to Halo Infinite

Just in case you missed it, actor Verlon Roberts leaked a potential Halo Infinite release date in a recent podcast appearance while talking about his role in the game as the Spartan Griffin. He explained that he's already recorded scenes with the actor of Master Chief at the studio.

This bit of news got a lot of Halo fans excited because it suggests that the two are going to meet up with each other in the game. For those that do not know, Spartan Griffin makes an appearance in the Shadows of Reach Halo Novel.

With that said, a more recent leak now confirms what Spartan Griffin could look like, but also another potential character that could be added into Halo Infinite, courtesy of Mega Construx.

Toy company, Mega Construx, has had an existing partnership with Microsoft. They're one of the producers of officially licensed Halo merchandise such as action figures and sets. Apparently, according to Mega Construx News, the toy company is already working on a new toy line based on Halo Infinite.

The two toys include Spartan Griffin wielding a Needler and wearing a purple mark VII armor with another potential Halo Infinite character. The other character is Spartan Stone, who the box refers to as Spartan Trailblazer. He's clad in an all-white armor and equipped with an unknown SMG-type firearm.

With that said, with an official Halo Infinite toy line now leaked, we probably wouldn't have to wait too long to hear more about Halo Infinite.

In other Halo Infinite news, hardcore fans found themselves victims of a cruel April Fools' Day prank last week. Apparently, someone had spread the rumor that 343 Industries had delayed Halo Infinite once again. The rumor got big enough that the official Halo account had to step in. They clarified that there was no official news of a Halo Infinite delay. This also suggests that a 2021 launch date is still possible.

As of the moment, the closest thing we have to credible information of the Halo Infinite release date comes from the aforementioned actor for Spartan Griffin. He claimed that Microsoft plans on releasing Halo Infinite in November. This should put it right in line with previous Halo titles that also launched in November.

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