Halo Infinite campaign is not replayable at launch

However, 343 Industries has promised that it's working on a fix to let players replay Halo Infinite campaign missions.

Halo Infinite is out and gamers are already spending as much time as they can exploring the open-world setting of the latest Halo game. However, it appears that access to the gorgeous open world comes at a price. As early reviewers discovered days before the game launched, it's currently not possible to replay story missions in Halo Infinite with different difficulties and/or use different skull modifiers.

TLDR; Don't expect to 100% Halo Infinite's campaign without a guide.

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343 responds to non-replayable Halo Infinite campaign

343 Industries definitely still has a lot of work to do in Halo Infinite.

Previous Halo games would let you replay missions after you're done with them. There are all sorts of reasons why players do this, but the point is, you could do it - plain and simple. Unfortunately, with Halo Infinite, you'll need to start a new save file to replay missions.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson who spoke with Polygon, the main reason for this is the game's open-world structure. Meanwhile, 343 Industries' associate creative director Paul Crocker told The Verge that they are working on it.

His statement pretty much says the same thing, explaining that things "get a lot thicker" when it comes to a "more open game". However, he added that 343 "made a decision t improve the quality of the single-player campaign" and that they do plan on adding "the other features back in."

Unfortunately, neither statements confirm when 343 is going to make single-player campaign missions in Halo Infinite replayable.

In a nutshell, 343 might have just made life in Halo Infinite more difficult for completionists. If you want to 100% the game, you might want to keep a guide handy to make sure that you don't miss anything. Of course, there's always the option to replay the game from the start, which isn't exactly a bad idea - all things considered.

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Speaking of Halo Infinite's campaign, 343 just released the game's day one patch notes detailing all the issues that the studio is currently working on fixing.

What's next for Halo Infinite?

Technically, Halo Infinite is still incomplete. However, this hasn't stopped gamers and critics from throwing praise at 343's latest Halo title.

Now that Halo Infinite is out, most audiences can finally see if the long wait was worth it or not. If it's any consolation, the consensus from our review round-up suggests that Halo Infinite is 343's best Halo game yet. But, the game is far from perfect nor complete. Halo Infinite's multiplayer continues to struggle with hackers and cheaters, with 343's efforts proving futile so far.

In addition to addressing Halo Infinite's rampant cheating problem, 343 still has to add the Forge mode and co-op campaign, both of which are expected to come much later.

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