The Halo Infinite campaign launch trailer sets stage for series' return

Microsoft's flagship shooter is back with a vengeance with the Halo Infinite campaign launch trailer arriving just in time.

343 Industries has taken the long route in releasing Halo Infinite. After promising that the game was going to launch alongside the Xbox Series S/X, 343 decided to take the risk and pulled the plug to give themselves more time to polish the game, based on player feedback. More than a year later and all the positive things that we've heard so far from Halo Infinite's technical tests and beta period suggest that all of 343's efforts did not go to waste.

After more than a year of delay, Halo Infinite is finally here (almost).

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"Step inside the armor of humanity's greatest hero"

It's amazing just how much Halo Infinite has improved in just a space of a year.

The above excerpt was taken directly from a line in the video's description. It perfectly encapsulates what Master Chief's arrival means for Halo fans, as well as Microsoft in general. The video's description goes into great detail to let fans know what they are up against as Master Chief goes on to fight against "a fearsome enemy known as 'the Banished.'"

Perhaps the most hype-inducing part about the trailer is how 343 described it as the "most wide open and adventure-filled" Halo game.

If the campaign trailer has gotten you hyped, we've got good news - Halo Infinite is already out.

Earlier in November, 343 decided to delight fans by releasing the multiplayer component of the game earlier. Since then, 343 has done a great job refining the gameplay, especially the Battle Pass. However, if you're looking to enjoy Halo Infinite's single-player campaign, you'll need to purchase it for retail price. Judging by how awesome it looks, Halo Infinite is shaping up to be a bargain.

Make sure to mark your calendars for December 8 because it's when Halo Infinite will fully launch for the Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and the PC.

In other Halo Infinite news, the game will technically still be incomplete once it fully launches. 343 confirmed earlier this year that other components like the Halo Forge and co-op multiplayer are not ready yet. Meanwhile, don't be surprised if the Battle Pass keeps on changing. 343 is not used to this kind of monetization scheme for a game and the studio is still working out the kinks. The good news is that 343 is listening to community feedback to make sure that the Battle Pass keeps everybody happy.

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