Halo Infinite Will Bring Back Fan Favorite Halo Announcer

Halo Infinite might have been delayed to a later date, but it's not all bad news. 343 Industries recently confirmed that the delay has allowed them to bring back fan-favorite Halo announcer, Jeff Steitzer.

Halo Infinite will bring back the voice of Halo multiplayer, Jeff Steitzer.

The Halo franchise is known for its storytelling and gameplay. However, there's no denying that the AAA shooter from Microsoft has become one of the most iconic franchises in gaming, partly because of its multiplayer.

With that said, the multiplayer Halo experience wouldn't be complete without its announcer.

One could say that Jeff Steitzer is the voice of Halo multiplayer. The 69-year-old voice actor has had a hand in the iconic commentary fans have come to love from multiplayer matches in Halo. His work has become so popular that many other companies have tried to replicate his work in their games.

Some of his most iconic phrases include "Game over!", "Double Kill", "Triple Kill, "Killing Spree", and so much more. He's also done voice work for other Halo modes. This includes Headhunter, Rally, Oddball, and Race, among many others.

Thus, you can't exactly blame fans for going on a frenzy after 343 Industries confirmed that Steitzer will return for Halo Infinite.

Initially, players expressed concern about the fan-favorite Halo announcer skipping Halo infinite. Although Steitzer is healthy and able to work, the COVID-19 pandemic would've made it difficult for 343 Industries to bring him on board. As already mentioned, Steitzer is 69 years old. This makes him part of the demographic most vulnerable to COVID-19. So, you can't exactly blame 343 Industries or Steitzer if either one of them or both decided that the risk was not worth taking.

However, now that Steitzer is back, Halo Infinite is shaping us nicely. It could very well be the franchise's return to form as many believe. Its multiplayer component, in particular, already has the potential to be the franchise's most successful yet. This is after Microsoft confirmed that they'll let players log on to Halo Infinite multiplayer without requiring an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

By bringing back Steitzer, Microsoft and 343 Industries have put Halo Infinite in a much better position to succeed.

Unfortunately, as much as we love hearing news of Steitzer returning to do voice work on Halo Infinite multiplayer, 343 Industries still has yet to confirm when they are going to release Halo Infinite. But, since Steitzer is doing voice work right now, 343 Industries may be already preparing the game's multiplayer component. This gives light to the possibility of 343 Industries launching a Halo Infinite multiplayer beta soon.

With E3 2021 just right around the corner, Microsoft could be preparing for a huge Halo Infinite reveal by then.

Halo Infinite is currently rumored to release sometime during Holiday 2021.

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