Halo Crosses Over With Fortnite - Master Chief Skin Leaked

There's almost something charming about leaks in the year 2020 still often being blurry, pixellated messes. It's like the people posting these things force the image through awful compression a few times just to maintain the illusion.

On that note, a few low quality images of a Master Chief skin for Fortnite Battle Royale have been making the rounds online, alongside other Halo content.

Season 5 just began in Fortnite, bringing major changes to the map as well as a bevy of new cosmetics to unlock or buy, with even more on the way. Even though Star Wars is the main licensed theme happening this season, Epic Games likes to keep multiple plates spinning and other licensed properties will appear in the game too.

Big if true.

Based on a few leaked images, Epic and Microsoft teamed up for a Halo crossover, with vehicles and a player skin depicting everyone's favorite generic FPS protagonist Master Chief wearing the variant of the Mjolnir power armor seen in Halo 3, arguably the most iconic design of the outfit.

Among the other leaked items is a comically downscaled Warthog used for a traversal emote as well as what looks like a full-sized Pelican gunship as a glider, and frankly we'd be impressed an amazed if that turns out to be the case. Don't shrink it you cowards!

The leaked images themselves have a murky source but a number of reputable Fortnite data miners and leakers have confirmed them on Twitter, making it very likely that we'll really see these items appear in-game soon. Since the items are not live in the store yet, the V-Buck pricing is a placeholder - don't get your hopes up for grabbing these at 1 apiece.

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Considering Halo: Infinite's embattled development cycle, with the project repeatedly losing key talent, this may be the only bit of new content Halo fans have to look forward to in the foreseeable future. Let's hope we get energy swords too!

Aron Gerencser
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