Hall of Famer, Goldberg, is teasing another WWE return

The 55-year-old WWE superstar might no longer be an active competitor, but he claims that his days "aren't done yet."

There are very few in the WWE that embody "explosiveness" and "athletism" quite like Goldberg. The former professional football player is best known for his dominance in the late 90s and early 2000s, specifically when he went undefeated in WCW singles competition for over a year, becoming the face of the company until its sale to the WWE. Even when up against other equally iconic competitors, Golberg stood out as the perfect squash wrestler; a performer who dominates the other and walks away with a relatively easy win with little to no resistance.

Goldberg was also one of the superstar wrestlers to dip their toes in Hollywood throughout the 2000s.

Unfortunately, Father Time remains undefeated and Golberg hasn't wrestled much now that he's in his 50s. Since 2016, the 55-year-old has only wrestled 12 times. His last appearance was back in February at the Elimination Chamber. But, while Goldberg is aware that his best days are behind him, he's not quite ready to hang it up just yet.

Golberg appeared on WWE's The Bump to share what he's doing right now in his life, who he thinks can take out Roman Reigns, and finally, to answer if he's still coming back.

The former WWE superstar revealed that he's currently building a new gym in his backyard where he'll spend "the rest of his life" as he prepares for "what's next" while expressing the confidence befitting the only man to win the WCW World Heavyweight, WWE World Heavyweight, and WWE Universal Championship.

When asked who he thinks can dethrone the Tribal Chief, he alluded to himself, adding that he still hasn't gotten back at Reigns "for that little choke out in Saudi Arabia." Golberg also added that he believes that his old rival, Brock Lesnar, can end Reigns' two-year title reign.

However, Goldberg is well aware that defeating Reigns is easier said than done; you're not just fighting him alone but his entire posse. The Head of the Table always has The Bloodline at his beck and call, so Reigns has a "built-in bodyguard system." Still, Goldberg knows that all it takes is for a "special person to come out and dethrone" Reigns.

As for his potential return, Goldberg isn't ruling anything out. After thanking his fans, Goldberg claimed that his "days aren't done yet," hinting that he's always ready and raring to go.

If we're being honest, Goldberg doesn't look the part of a 55-year-old when you compare his body these days to his prime.

While it's highly unlikely that we'll see Goldberg hit the squared circle again anytime soon, who knows? The WWE is headed to Saudi Arabia again in November and Goldberg has a penchant for spoiling headliners. Since Roman Reigns and Logan Paul are confirmed for Crown Jewel, we can't rule out a Goldberg spear on whoever wins to end the show. Now, wouldn't that be something?

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