Hackers are starting to take over Battlefield 2042 already

The Battlefield 2042 open beta just kicked off, but it appears that the hackers aren't waiting on anyone.

Cheaters are a big problem in any game. Much more so if it's a massive multiplayer shooter like Battlefield 2042. In the lead-up to the game's release, EA and DICE talked big about how they had an anti-cheat system in place that would immediately filter out anyone caught cheating in Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately, it appears that hackers have found a way around the game's security. The worst part? Battlefield 2042 hasn't even been released yet.

Hackers Take Over Battlefield
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Early Battlefield 2042 hackers are bad news for the game

As per Tom Henderson's Tweet, hackers have found a way to crack EA and Dice's anti-cheat measures. The worst part is that these aren't just simple hacks either. From what we've gathered based on other testimonies, hackers have begun offering everything from wallhacks to aimbots and everything in between. The only good thing about this is that we haven't found any Battlefield 2042 that's free yet.

Battlefield 2042 isn't a free title. It's a multiplayer-only shooter with no free-to-play content. So, for anyone who wants to cheat, they would have to buy the game first and then pay for the cheats. This isn't going to come cheap once Battlefield 2042 is released. Not to mention, we doubt EA will exercise leniency for anyone who's caught cheating.

Ultimately, what we're saying here is that Battlefield 2042 is probably still going to have cheaters once it launches in November; it's just that there won't be as many compared to Call of Duty and probably even Halo Infinite.

Hackers Take Over Battlefield
Cheaters can still attempt to try and get into Battlefield 2042 at launch. It's just that it's going to get expensive for them real quick.

Fans can also look forward to DICE's implementation of Fair Play. Once this is implemented, the feature will allow players to report cheaters that they see in the game. If proven guilty, EA and DICE can and will ban the cheaters from Battlefield 2042, possibly for life. Even if this isn't the ideal solution, cheating in Battlefield 2042 is going to be a costly endeavor for anyone who wants to do it, which should help keep the numbers low.

The only problem is that this doesn't paint a good look for Battlefield 2042, especially after it's already been delayed.

A cheater-filled beta period might turn off gamers from trying out Battlefield 2042 at launch. Even if this is only because the beta period is free-to-play to everyone, it's not exactly easy to convince people to think otherwise. The best way to address this issue is for EA to commit to their earlier promise to promote fair play in Battlefield 2042.

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