A guide to unlocking Undertaker '18 in WWE 2K23

Including SmackDown tapings, John Cena fought the Undertaker six times in singles matches despite sharing the spotlight for two decades.

John Cena has fought pretty much every big name in the WWE and he has a winning record against almost everyone else. One of the few who seems to have Cena's number is the Phenom. The Undertaker has won more matches than he's lost against Cena (and pretty much the entire WWE roster), highlighted by two wins at Vengeance 2003 and WrestleMania 34. The latter is part of the Showcase Mode of WWE 2K23 as its fourth match.

Fans would've loved to have seen these two square off for more than the five minutes we all got.

Unlike the other Showcase Mode matches in WWE 2K23, Match 4 doesn't have as many objectives, which is a good thing for gamers. This means it's a straightforward fight. However, it's one that both wrestlers have regretted over the years as they expressed disappointment in how it turned out.

In any case, it is what it is, and you'll need to beat John Cena as the Undertaker to unlock Undertaker '18 and John Cena '18 as well as the WrestleMania 34 Arena.

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To do this, you'll need to complete all 9 objectives of the match, namely:

Objective Requirement
Undertaker pounced on me, sent me into the corner, and then punished me with five (5) Front Light Attacks! Irish Whip Cena into any of the four corners and punch him a total of five times using the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button. It doesn’t have to be done successfully.
Then he charged at me and unleashed that famous Flip Clothesline of his! Press the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button while running towards Cena to throw a clothesline.
Undertaker wasn't relenting, next looking to take me to school - Old School! Curiously enough, Match 4 doesn’t classify Old School as a Signature move. To pull if off, you’ll need to grab Cena, flick the left analog stick up on either console and press the X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) button.
He'd again trap me in the corner, this time looking to connect with his Snake Eyes / Big Boot Combo! Once again, Irish Whip Cena into either of the four corners and grab him by pressing the Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) button. Then, point the left analog stick away from Cena and press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) to kick him.
If I got back to my feet, Undertaker was going to meet me with a Running DDT! While Cena is standing, run towards him and press the Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) button.
And he was going to punish me even further in the ring! It’s simple - just wail at Cena until you fill the meter.
Undertaker wanted to put me away! He looked to connect with a Signature Chokeslam in the ring to set me up for the end! Once you’ve filled the Signature meter, press R2 + Square (PlayStation) or RT + X (Xbox) on a dazed Cena.
Hell hath no fury like an Undertaker scorned. Now he wanted to Tombstone me through the ring! With at least one bar of the Finisher meter filled, press either R2 + X (PlayStation) or RT + A (Xbox) while you’re standing opposite of Cena inside the ring.
And end his Wrestlemania with a pinfall victory over me! Flick down the right analog stick to pin a downed Cena to get the win. You can do this after pulling off a Tombstone Piledriver for added dramatic effect.
WWE 2K23's Showcase mode is widely considered as an improvement over last year's already impressive feature with Rey Mysterio.

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