GTA 6 Release Date, Setting, Characters and More Allegedly Confirmed by Leaker

An alleged leaker who claims to be a "primary developer" working at RockStar since 2004 has hosted not one but two AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on 4Chan where he went over several alleged details of GTA 6. The leaker claims that they know the staff in every area of the dev team and have made bold claims over nitty details such as the map, characters, progression, setting, the world and much more.

The first AMA, which was hosted yesterday, was promptly taken down by mods. But that didn't stop the leaker to come back for round 2. Reddit user u/meetsejpal managed to take a note of everything and we're here to take you over all the claims by the leaker.

Before we dive into the details, we'd like to mention that 4chan leaks are not the most reliable. A few of them have hit the bullseye in the past while others were nothing but bogus claims. So take this post with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 Leaks Part 1

  • Chapter system similar RDR2 and the first 2 chapters set in the late 1970s
  • October 2023 Targeted
  • One male protagonist (codenamed Ricardo which was leaked previously). The name of the protagonist is a spoiler in itself which can potentially spoil the narrative and the leaker also said beware of future leakers who might spoil the name of the protagonist.
  • The map covers Miami/Florida and a smaller map that appears in limited interaction (similar to Guarma in RDR2)
  • The leaker claims that Dan Houser left because he exhausted himself after RDR2 crunch, could return in the future
  • Main story set to be about 60 hours long
  • GTA Online counterpart to release a few months after the single-player counterpart release. (Something similar to what they did with RDR2 and Red Dead Online).
  • The leaker claims that it is the best story ever put in a GTA game, but not quite emotional as RDR2.
  • The mission structure supposed to be quite free.
  • The Map is smaller than RDR2 but way more dense. (This seems to be the biggest red flag regarding the credibility of the leaker but considering that the game spans multiple decades, it makes sense if they decided to pack it more or another possibility could be something like The Witcher 3 where there are multiple maps of different locations).
  • Minigames include Surfing, Windsurfing and Roller Derby
  • RDR1 is technically being "remastered" and coming before GTAVI.
  • One thing to note is that when someone asked to leak something very specific which can be used to see the credibility of the leak in the future, the leaker says, "You meet Ken Rosenberg and he mentions Tommy Vercetti several times although you never actually meet Tommy."
  • The example of the improved AI design according to the leaker was "You may see NPCs beeping their horn and driving aggressively around other drivers because they're late for work."
  • The "family" from GTA 4 mentioned, and Love Fist, are involved in missions and side missions.
  • Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, you can leave deep cuts on people with a machete and close combat shooting can result in bone fragmentation
  • Nudity level similar to Cyberpunk
  • Developers impressed with Sony and the load times are surprisingly good for a game of this size and detail. They are also using the haptics from Dualsense for the game.
  • Consoles being prioritized, so the PC version releasing later on after optimization.
  • Body form alteration can happen like in San Andreas but not as dramatic. People will comment on your apparel choices.
  • The online going to be grounded for the release. (Not like current GTA Online where there's flying cars, etc).
  • RDR2 also getting a next-gen patch that doesn't overhaul the graphics but delivers better loading times and locked 60fps.
  • Female protagonist was contemplated around 2017 but was not finalized because it doesn't fit with GTA's narrative.
  • The age of the protagonist is supposed to be 34 by the end of the game. (What I think here is that maybe you play as the father of the protagonist during the 1970s part of the game and then as the protagonist in the modern-day counterpart).
  • The main character is a white male, roughly 6'1" and has a "sun-kissed" Tan. Italian raised in America and has jet black hair.
  • Storms and weather effects are "genuinely insane".
  • When someone asked if there is a remastered GTA: San Andreas coming up, the leaker mentioned that "The anniversary is coming up, Right?"
  • Car customization improved upon from GTA 5. Cars change with time, so does clothes and hairstyles. The older cars become less common with time and if someone sees you drive an old car, they might call it a piece of crap.
  • The leaker mentions that "The Mexican" from the previous leak is a very wealthy man who peddles Colombian marching powder.
  • The mafia is in the game but the leaker refused to share more details.
  • Liberty City has limited missions in the game. Mafia family's influence is heavy there.
  • Pop and Rock have a huge part of the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys have a few tracks in the game.
  • Dan wrote a rough idea for the game but hasn't written a lot.
  • The game is "very politically incorrect." according to the leaker.
  • The announcement can happen as early as spring 2022.

GTA 6 Leaks Part 2

  • Same engine as RDR2 and GTA 5, but improved upon. Ray tracing is in use but limited to reflections and shadows. Leaker mentions not to expect ray-traced light until the PC release.
  • They also mention that what they said about the map size of the game in the previous AMA was misunderstood. What they meant was that the fastest transportation in RDR2 takes roughly 15-20 minutes to travel the longest possible route whereas GTA 6 is around 13-15 minutes. They mention that the map is bigger than RDR2's in landmass, but faster transportation means less travel time.
  • Complete freedom regarding exploration, you aren't forced to play through the main story and can go exploring anytime you want.
  • They also mention that one of the confirmed songs is "Always on my Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys. (Mentioned in the previous AMA as well but they mention the song name this time.)
  • Large number of building enterable and they all have textures unique to them but not every building is enterable as it is just too hard to implement.
  • Better physics than GTA 5 as RDR2 was taken as the base for it and then built upon for the modern world. Driving feels less arcadey than GTAV but not as weighted as GTA 4's.
  • The gap between consoles and PC release estimated to be 12 months by the leaker.
  • The leaker again refuses to leak the MC's name but does mention that he has a mother and a sister. The MC calls the sister Frankie and also the father is dead. (Maybe you play as the father in the 1970s part of the game as I mentioned in the last post who dies when the MC is a kid and then maybe you play as the MC in the modern-day counterpart).
  • The game has a "deceptive" amount of content already according to the leaker.
  • There's a famous 80s singer hosting one of the radio stations.
  • Monetization at the launch of Online will be a lot lighter than GTA 5's, due to the company being concerned about bad press.
  • More hair and facial types that can be mixed and matched and also supposed to be period-specific for the online counterpart. Also, there will be a choice of body type but nothing specific like Fat, average, fit, muscular, etc,
  • There will be a morality meter for the first time similar but not identical to RDR2's system. This will affect certain missions and outcomes.
  • 2 limited maps within the game. Liberty City (pretty much on rails) and a "Cuban" island.
  • Supposed to be a satirical representation of America in the 1980s.
  • There's one side mission that's pretty much just one giant easter egg for the Goonies. It is not given to the player by an NPC but started by finding a map (Like one eyed willies).
  • There is one interesting detail, the leaker first states that the protagonist is older than Tommy Vercetti but then, later on, admits that he made a mistake and that the protagonist is actually 2 years younger than Tommy. (This is the most interesting detail as it can actually be an honest mistake on their part or it could be a clever and subtle way to fake their credibility by acting as if it was an honest mistake).
  • The North Point Mall looks really good now and it's a lot bigger.
  • There's a scarface style montage that holds a lot of meme potential. (This was an answer to someone asking the leaker if there are any memeable moments).
  • Main forms of transport stated to be cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and seabirds.
  • Controls are just a refined version of what you've seen in previous titles. Gunplay is essentially a modified version of RDR2 mechanics. No parkour-style traversal mechanics in the game.
  • Full body nudity in strip clubs and even during some cutscenes. Also, if you build up a good enough affinity with certain women, you can "make love".
  • Fidelity and Performance mode similar to something like Miles Morales.
  • You can work out but transformation won't be as dramatic as GTA: SA. You have to also make sure that you're eating or you won't grow. Some more side activities mentioned by the leaker are gambling, dancing, and roller derby which they also previously mentioned in the last AMA.
  • NPCs are like RDR2 but in a GTA setting. The police don't just shoot you to death for small crimes anymore. If you get the option to bribe the officers for petty crimes.
  • Using fists have better development than the previous GTA. You can grab people and punch them in a clinch. There are unique animations for stealthy kills.
  • One example of better car detailing that the leaker gives is of Ferrari Enzo (not called that) and it looks as if it could be in a GT7.
  • The leaker states that there are a lot of 80s references in GTA Online recently. Also, the song choice for casino update was 80s related.
  • When someone asked if there is a protagonist replacement point like in RDR2, the leaker declined to say as it might spoil some of the story. The prologue and 1st chapter are set in the 1970s all the way till 1987.

That's all the claims made by the leaker. If there are any more AMAs or updates, we'll update this space to reflect the same.

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