GTA V Voice Actor Hopes to Reprise Role for GTA 6

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the greatest enigmas in gaming as of today. No one really knows when it's going to come out. No one even knows if it's currently in development and if so, for how long.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas just wouldn't be complete without oddball characters like Cris Formage.

It certainly doesn't help the case for an imminent GTA 6 release when you consider the fact that Rockstar Games is still actively supporting Grand Theft Auto 5, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the 2013 title scheduled for a 2021 release, along with a standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

With that said, there've been numerous voice actors and personalities that have expressed their interest in returning for the unconfirmed title.

The latest of which is Fred Melamed.

Fred Melamed Hopes to Reprise Recurring Role

In a recent interview with Inverse Gaming, Fred Melamed talked about his role as Fred in WandaVision, while also revealing his interest in bringing back his recurring GTA role for GTA 6.

For those that don't know, Fred Melamed is the voice actor of Cris Formage. This oddball cult character appeared in both GTA: San Andreas and in GTA 5, as the head of the Epsilon Program. He plays a bigger role in the later, as players can infiltrate his organization to complete a series of missions in the game.

Melamed likens his time with Rockstar to working with Marvel. He talks about how he has to sign NDAs that swear one to secrecy.

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But while Melamed did go on to say that he hopes to return, he did confirm that he isn't involved in the project right now.

We're among those hoping that Melamed makes a return. The GTA franchise isn't complete without its fair share of oddities. His character, Cris Fromage, is one of them. But, of course, we're also disappointed that his interview could imply that Rockstar Games hasn't reached a point in the game's development yet so as to cast voice actors.

If that is indeed the case, then we can say goodbye to any chances of seeing GTA 6 release anytime soon. Of course, the opposite could also be true. It is possible that GTA VI will not be set in a familiar city where the Epsilon Program exists.

Either way, we're hoping that Rockstar Games puts all these rumors to sleep with a formal announcement soon.

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