GTA V voice actor tells fans to "trust the process" in 8th-year anniversary post

Gameplay footage of the upcoming Saints Row reboot might have leaked online and fans are now asking for more.

Despite the obvious fan demand, Rockstar simply refuses to talk about GTA 6. Instead, it appears that Rockstar and Take-Two are more interested in porting GTA 5 to more platforms than working on a new GTA game. However, for Ned Luke, who portrays and voices Michael De Santa, fans ought to "trust the process", whatever that means.

Ned Luke wants fans to relax and just trust Rockstar.

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Is Rockstar ever going to announce GTA VI?

Michael's voice actor does have a point. Rockstar should have more than earned gamer's trust at this point.

At this point, we don't know what's more amazing. The fact that it's been 8 years since Rockstar Games released GTA 5 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 or that it has been 8 years since a new GTA game was released. Although we suppose that the latter is less amazing and more disappointing.

Rockstar is currently under heavy fire from fans. The studio announced earlier this month that it was going to delay the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of GTA 5, as well as the standalone release of GTA Online, for next year. This did not sit well with fans. It also did not help that the latest trailer for GTA 5 doesn't look like that much of an upgrade compared to previous iterations.

With that said, it does help that one of the game's voice actors is expressing his support for Rockstar.

Michael De Santa is one of the best GTA protagonists and we've got Ned Luke to thank for a large part of that. However, we would have preferred him to have news about fresh content coming to GTA 5, as opposed to just telling audiences to "#TrustTheProcess."

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If it's any consolation, Rockstar does deserve the benefit of the doubt. Yes, GTA 6 probably won't arrive until 2025, which means that fans will have waited for over a decade to see a new GTA game in action. At the same time, Rockstar has proven that it knows what it's doing as far as single-player content goes. In addition to the GTA franchise, Rockstar also made the award-winning Red Dead Redemption games.

We're hoping that Grand Theft Auto fans still have it in them to wait for the next installment. Right now, it appears that some fans have hit their limit though, one even went as far as to go up to a TV host to ask them if they knew when GTA VI was going to be released. Several thousand fans have also banded together to dislike the trailer for the next-gen version of GTA V.

In other news, a potential GTA alternative in the Saints Row reboot is coming in February 2022.

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