GTA players host in-game funeral for Takeoff

A community of Grand Theft Auto Online roleplayers paid tribute to Migos' Takeoff following his ultimately passing with an in-game funeral and even, an afterparty.

Grand Theft Auto Online players recently paid their respects to Migos rapper, Takeoff, after his untimely death on November 1.

Gta Players Funeral Takeoff
For all of GTA's most controversial moments, it's stuff like these that make the franchise truly special.

Players of Rockstar's immensely profitable online sandbox game banded together to host a funeral for the "Motorsport" and "Stir Fry" musician. The participating GTA Online players wore all-white for the church service before they all changed to their all-black "house party" attire once the service ended. Players even went as far as to ask everyone to cooperate, saying "Follow the street law. No crashing. Step out with your best car."

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, died at 28 years old, after a shooting incident in Houston, Texas. Justin Bieber recently performed at a public memorial service on November 11 that was dedicated to Takeoff.

Takeoff is one-third of the hip-hop group, Migos, along with his first cousin once removed, Offset, as well as their uncle, Quavo. Together, the trio was a mainstay on the Billboard 100 chart and was even nominated for two Grammy awards. Takeoff and Quavo released an album, Only Built for Infinity Links, last month.

Gta Players Funeral Takeoff
GTA Online continues to be a hub for people to do everything and anything they want.

It's not rare to see gamers hold funerals for their favorite celebrities or even close friends in-game. Two years ago, FF14 players banded together to give a fellow player who had died a proper send-off online. On a less-morose note, Red Dead Online players had organized a funeral for the game after Rockstar Games hadn't released a significant update for the game in a year. Rockstar later issued a statement that it will no longer release major content updates for Red Dead Online.

Speaking of GTA, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that GTA 6 will release as planned despite the earlier leaks. GTA 5 recently passed a significant milestone after selling more than 170 million copies in less than a decade.

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