Latest GTA Online weekly update continues the Halloween theme

To no one's surprise, Rockstar Games continues to Halloween themed updates for GTA Online, including a special event.

Another week has come and passed and now, a new GTA Online update is upon us.

Gta Online Weekly Update Continues Halloween Theme
We're knee deep into the Halloween season now and these are all the new things coming to GTA Online.

After last week's Halloween update that brought Judgement Day to the game, Rockstar will double down on the spooky holiday with the addition of a new themed update by bringing back the Alien Survival Series and the classic Slasher Adversary Mode.

On top of the new modes, Rockstar also added a new BMW-style car for GTA Online players to enjoy, the Übermacht Rhinehart, which is still part of the massive Criminal Enterprises update from earlier this year.

Finally, if you've noticed something different on the map, you're not alone. Rockstar added 200 Jack O'Lanterns to GTA Online for you to hunt down until early November. You only need to find 10 to get the Pumpkin mask. But, if you'd like to have the Pumpkin Tee, you'll need to get all 200.

These are all of the new GTA Online cars for this week:

  • Los Santos Car Meet Prize Ride
    • Cheetah (Ferrari Enzo)
      • Finish first in Pursuit Races for two straight days
  • Diamond Casino Podium Car
    • Astron (Porsche Macan)
  • Hao's Premium Test Ride
    • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag (Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa)
  • Luxury Autos Showroom
    • Tigon (De Tomaso P72)
    • Rhinehart (BMW M5 Touring)
  • Simeon’s Showroom cars
    • Dominator GTT (1969–1970 Ford Mustang)
    • Kuruma (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X)
    • Guardian (2004-present Ford F-650)
    • Veto Classic (1965 Rupp Dart A-Bone Kart)
    • Outlaw (Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo)

If you want to win $100,000 in prize money, you can try your luck with the RC Time Trial at Little Seoul Park. The minimum part time you'll need to beat is 01:10:00. You can also earn the top prize at the regular time trial at the End to End by clocking in under 04:09:50. You'll also gain double the RP and GTA$ from the Slasher Adversary Mode, Alien Survivals, Special Vehicle Work, and 7 New Community Jobs. A 1.5x RP and GTA$ bonus apply for completing Special Cargo Sell Missions.

Gta Online Weekly Update Continues Halloween Theme
This isn't the best-driving ride and it costs a pretty penny, but the Übermacht Rhinehart looks pretty sweet.

In other GTA news, fans are still waiting for the recent UFO event to culminate into a GTA 6 announcement. This may or may never come, but it's still at least worth waiting for it.

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