GTA Online: The Contract story DLC announced, features single player content

It's still part of GTA Online, but Rockstar is introducing a new take on solo content with this latest upcoming DLC.

It seems that the recently leaked 'fixers' DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online is real, and still dropping in time for the holidays despite recent rumors about content delays. That said, now that it's been officially announced, we've got an actual name, a release date, and some more details about what to expect from the new content that's surprisingly solo-oriented.

The Contract, as this DLC is officially called, has some interesting implications for the story and timeline of GTA 5 and Online due to one extremely important character - and we don't mean Dr. Dre. One of the playable protagonists, Franklin Clinton, is making a return as part of the update firmly setting the events in the future of the story.

Why is this important? When GTA Online launched - and, even now, when you start a new character - chronologically it was set before the events of GTA 5's story. There was no clear divide where Rockstar said "and now that isn't the case" so we can't really pinpoint when during Online's content progression the story is supposedly taking place, but the official post unveiling The Contract states that years have passed since the final story mission.

In the years since he and his accomplices knocked over the Union Depository, renowned Los Santos hustler Franklin Clinton has been making moves of his own.

The new content will be centered around F. Clinton and Partner, a new agency run by Franklin himself and none other than your GTA Online character. Between the two of you - note that at this point you're not a small-time crook but possibly the biggest kingpin on the planet - you have more than enough connections to run a business like this.

Dr. Dre is back in GTA Online as himself, reprising his role from The Cayo Perico Heist.

So what kind of business is "this"? Well, this is where the "fixers" name came from back when all we had were rumors and leaks. The Agency will provide clandestine problem solving services to the cream of Los Santos, helping the wealthy and the elite with whatever issues they have that need discretion and aren't the sort of concerns you turn to authorities with.

Enter your first huge client - Dr. Dre, returning from The Cayo Perico Heist. Reprising his role as himself, Dre is producing new music in Los Santos. Dr. Dre has lost a phone with brand new unreleased tracks, and it turns out that some unsavory characters may have found it. Team up with Franklin, Chop, expert hacker Imani and Dre in this mainly single-player, story oriented DLC.

It's an interesting twist that Rockstar is placing more emphasis on solo content with a narrative focus. For years, the fact that GTA 5 never received single-players story DLC was a major gripe among the fandom, and when it became clear that Online's success was to blame, that dissent only grew. Ironic that now we do sort of get story DLC, but in Online. That said, The Contract is no doubt worlds removed from what original plans involved.

Team up with protagonist Franklin Lamar in the latest upcoming GTA Online DLC.

Ever since After Hours, Rockstar Games' real world partnerships and deals with music companies has been seeping into GTA Online more and more. This seems like the most blatant example to date - the trailer of The Contract is hardly action packed, without any fight scenes or daring chases. However, it has plenty of shots inside a music studio and recording room.

The new DLC will feature some typical GTA Online content we've come to expect from these updates, like new cars, new guns, and new properties to blow cash on, but the trailer also shows that we should expect some degree of deviation from the norm - this may come as a breath of fresh air for long-time players, or an annoying step away from what GTA is supposed to be for others.

Either way, you'll be able to decide soon - The Contract launches for free in GTA Online on the 15th of December!

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