A GTA Online player spent thousands of hours saving for a billion dollars

To be precise, the GTA Online player claims that they spent 18,000 hours to save up enough money to be a part of the 1%.

Most gamers don't spend 1,000 hours playing a single game, let alone 10,000. But, for one GTA Online player, 18,000 hours is where their number is at, and he's got something to show for his "expertise".

This guy is proves that AFK Farming is alive and well in GTA Online.

After spending nearly double the requisite amount of hours to master his "craft", Redditor u/jamcar70 accomplished something that only very few have - save a billion in GTA Online and accrue 18,000 hours of playtime over two years.

In case robbing banks and completing missions isn't for you, this newly-minted GTA Online billionaire just told you how to be as rich as him with minimal effort.

Naturally, someone called u/jamcar70 out on their claims. After all, there are only 8,760 hours in a year and 17,520 in two. This would mean that u/jamcar70 has been playing for a little over two years, which is possible. More importantly, u/jamcar70's numbers suggest that they've somehow found a way to not die even though they're in front of the computer for around 20-24 hours a day. But, as it turns out, the answer to the player's embarrassment of riches is simple.

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According to u/jamcar70, they earned the right to join the exclusive billionaire club by AFK farming. Specifically, using a security cam glitch to earn more from their nightclubs. Even so, it takes a lot of commitment to put in around 20 hours a day just playing GTA Online. If nothing else, u/jamcar70 deserves kudos for finding a way to make a solid amount of passive income and sticking to it.

Finally! $1 Billion from gtaonline

In other GTA news, Rockstar Games have reportedly spent over $2 billion on GTA 6. Finally, a leaker claims that GTA 6 won't be out until 2025.

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