GTA Online Player Grinds For A Full Day, Earns GTA$ 60 Million

You've got to respect the hustle that goes into spending an entire real-life day grinding away at Grand Theft Auto Online. One player farmed cash for 24 hours and managed to rack up a sizeable fortune in the notoriously expensive multiplayer portion of the record breaking crime'em'up - GTA$ 60,000,000, to be precise.

Gta Online Player Grinds For A Full Day, Earns Gta$ 60 Million

Now, the first question that crops up in everyone's mind at this point is the inevitable "how?!", but after posting a video montage of this beast of a gaming session, Reddit user mahanpourfakhr noted that they wouldn't recommend anyone embarking on this particular trial by fire. They completed the feat to see if it is possible, motivated by curiosity, as a one-off thing.

Making $60 Million in on day montage from gtaonline

It's also worth pointing out that many of the activities they performed in that 24 hour blitz requires no small amount of preparation beforehand, like stocking up on cargo and product to sell or completing set-up missions for heists, none of which took place in this timeframe. Even so, this is a pretty staggering achievement.

The method boiled down to a quick succession of cargo sales, heists, even more cargo sales and some vehicle deliveries. For the past few years now the GTA Online money making "meta" has been dominated by a precise mixture of running businesses and completing heist finales, with crafty players calculating the most efficient rotations based on various cooldowns on certain activities. Recent updates, especially After Hours which plopped a self-filling warehouse under your night club, made min-maxing the process easier.

Gta Online Player Grinds For A Full Day, Earns Gta$ 60 Million
Something something bootstraps and hard work

While grinding out over 60 million might seem like an unattainable goal to some players, breaking things down this equals GTA$ 2,500,000 per hour on average with mahanpourfakhr's method. If we take into account that massive heist payouts are guaranteed to skew that average, then ultimately the actual money-making efficiency on display is only slightly above what you'd earn with an optimized set of business sales.

As impressive it is for a player to run an endurance gauntlet like this, there are definitely healthier ways to rack up some GTA$.

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