GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners DLC launched, new contracts added

GTA Online players can head on down to the brand new car meet location by Cypress Flats to enjoy uninterrupted car meets and more.

Are you a Grand Theft Auto Online fan who's been exasperated by the increasingly unhinged and outlandish content in the game these past few years? Are you upset about the recent takedowns issued to popular GTA mods?

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Dlc Launched, New Contracts Added

Maybe this will cheer you up - Los Santos Tuner is now available in GTA Online, bringing some wholesome, peaceful car meet energy to the title. Also, robberies.

The new update that just dropped revolves around the LS Car Meet, a new location where automotive enthusiasts can fawn over each other's perfectly polished rims - uh, of the cars, that is - without having to worry about taking a sneaky rocket from a griefer or being busted by the cops.

LS Car Meet is also the nexus of most other new content added to GTA Online with this update. Becoming a member will get you access to a bunch of new customization options, a Test Track where you can try out some of the new vehicles and win one fore free provided you place in the top three of a race and more. You'll also meet up with the in-game version of world class musician Moodymann, whose GTA persona will set you up with your own Auto Shop property.

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Dlc Launched, New Contracts Added
10 new cars have been added to GTA Online, with more on the way.

If you didn't vibe with the underground villain lairs, orbital lasers, nuclear submarines, alien guns and other wacky stuff that's been saturating GTA Online for years now, this is the perfect property for you to reignite that classic grand theft auto spark. Auto Shops give access to three kinds of activities - legitimate commission based car customization jobs, less legal Exotic Export jobs and complex multi-part Contracts that resemble the popular Heists, but are more varied and can be completed solo.

Rockstar Games is also veering back to the drip-feed DLC format for years past, with 10 new cars released in Los Santos Tuners and 7 more coming one-by-one in the coming weeks. This way discounts and double reward bonuses won't be the only thing you've got to look forward to.

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Dlc Launched, New Contracts Added
New clothing items and missions join in on the additions to the game.

There's a ton of new clothing added to GTA Online as well, including an entirely new outfit brand called Born X Raised - it's important to be just as stylish as your ride when you show it off during a car meet. Logging in you'll also find new races - some of which require LS Car Meet membership - and a suite of quality-of-life improvements. Simply logging in will make you eligible for some freebies, so it's definitely worth checking out the new content.

That said, you'll have to wait to get the Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 upgrade for GTA Online if you want the full experience.

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