GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners brings underground car meets on July 20

Trick out your best rides and pull up to LS Car Meet for some peaceful automotive vibing in GTA Online's next DLC, Los Santos Tuners.

Grand Theft Auto Online has completely gone off the rails with its DLC these past few years, adding all kinds of funky content like orbital lasers, submarine cars, stunt races floating midair and flying motorcycles that shoot homing missiles.

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Brings Underground Car Meets On July 20

Los Santos Tuners is the game's next DLC and promises to bring things down to earth again, with the focus squarely on cars.

Notorious for griefers, GTA Online has been a home for fan-organized car meets already, despite the dangers of an angsty teen blowing it all up with a military jet. Los Santos Tuners is introducing a new underground location where all combat is turned off, allowing you to show off and admire cars without risk.

LS Car Meet also features a test track and all sorts of fancy amenities designed to let players customize their characters and vehicles like never before. While any and all players can access this space and progress through its new Reputation track without paying extra, a one-time membership buy in will get you some nifty bonuses.

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Brings Underground Car Meets On July 20
You'll need to spend a bit of GTA$ to get your car looking this good.

Los Santos Tuners also brings a bunch of new races, complex robberies similar to those heists players haven't gotten tired of throughout these years and 10 spanking new cars just waiting to be tuned up - and there are 7 more on the way.

As is usually the case when Rockstar announces new content for GTA Online, you have a chance to unlock some freebies simply by popping into the game, and there are some other promotional unlockables with low-effort requirements in the lead up to Los Santos Tuners, in case you're already hyped.

Gta Online: Los Santos Tuners Brings Underground Car Meets On July 20
Not a missile in sight.

This car meet DLC is hitting GTA Online on the 20th of July, which is next Tuesday, so luckily fans don't have to wait too long before they can flash those fancy rims and... undercarriage glow? There's probably a car nut name for the lights fixed to the bottom of cars. That. Tuners go brr, right?

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