GTA Online getting big content update on July 26

The Criminal Enterprises update is one of GTA Online's largest free updates in nearly a decade.

After reaffirming its commitment to Grand Theft Auto Online (and GTA 6 at the expense of Red Dead Online), Rockstar Games just announced one of the largest updates for the now-standalone online GTA title.

The upcoming GTA Online update hits way too close to reality.

The Criminal Enterprises is a massive free content update for Grand Theft Auto Online that will introduce several quality of life changes and improvements to the popular game. It will even add more missions, some of which will involve teaming up with the IAA again (in case you didn't know, the IAA is GTA's version of the CIA). As a matter of fact, one mission will see you go undercover as an off-the-books agent as you take down a "notorious oil-rich dynasty" operating in Los Santos.

Don't worry. We weren't joking when we said that The Criminal Enterprises is a humongous update.

Rockstar broke down the details about what's coming to GTA Online on July 26 in an official blog post. The free update will affect everything from old content to all the in-game businesses as well as that obnoxious Mk. 2 armed jetbike that made gamers quit in a fit of rage. Rockstar also confirmed that the update will make business activities playable in private sessions.

Fans have asked Rockstar for this update for years and it's nice to see Rockstar listening. If nothing else, this update should give GTA fans something to keep themselves busy while waiting for GTA 6.

We're hoping that The Criminal Enterprises update is just going to be the first of many.

GTA Online is a great example of a game that recovered following a disastrous launch. As GTA Online continues to make Rockstar money, the more the studio is inclined to give it the necessary support. The best part is that Rockstar is finally paying attention to fans. It is no longer just adding more stuff into the open sandbox multiplayer game, Rockstar is tweaking and optimizing the minute details.

If Rockstar can keep the flow of quality updates consistent, GTA Online will thrive for years to come.

Ray Ampoloquio
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