GTA fans are mocking Rockstar ahead of potential GTA 6 announcement

After being burned at every turn, GTA fans aren't buying whatever Rockstar is trying to sell at The Game Awards 2021.

2021 has been a weird year. Case in point, Rockstar Games just became the butt of many jokes.

It appears that fans aren't ready to forgive Rockstar Games for their abysmal offerings this 2021 just yet.

After disappointing gamers with zero news about GTA 6 this year, delaying the much-maligned next-gen GTA V to 2022, and releasing a buggy Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, it appears that even the studio's most hardcore fans are no longer buying whatever they are trying to sell. So, when rumors about Rockstar making a potential GTA VI announcement at The Game Awards 2021 on December 9, fans couldn't help but throw shade at the once-beloved studio.

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Is Rockstar going to announce anything related to GTA 6 soon?

Rockstar's reluctance to move on from GTA V is hurting the game's legacy.

Technically, GTA VI doesn't exist. Even if it's all but confirmed at this point, fans don't know if GTA VI is actually in development and if it is, for how long Rockstar has worked on it. Because of how tight-lipped Rockstar is about GTA VI, leakers and industry insiders have been the only source of intel about the upcoming GTA installment. One of the more prevalent rumors is that GTA VI won't release until 2025.

With that said, it appears that fans are fed up with all these "potential announcements" at this point and aren't going to believe anything until it happens.

Ha, big funny. from GTA

A Reddit thread discussing a potential GTA VI tease from Rockstar at The Game Awards 2021 on December 9 has been met with nothing but mockery and ridicule. The thread contains hundreds of comments from disappointed fans that believe that whatever Rockstar is going to announce at TGA 2021, it's not going to be enough to appease them.

If we're being honest, you can't blame GTA fans. 2021 has been a bad year for them. As we've already mentioned, Rockstar hasn't been up to their usual standards this year. Most can understand delaying the next-gen GTA V to 2022, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for Rockstar to pass off the PS2-era GTA titles to Grove Street Games and let it release in such a mess of a state is probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

At this point, we're convinced that it doesn't matter what Rockstar does at TGA 2021 - fans are not going to change their minds about the studio anytime soon.

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