GTA 6 to add new player actions according to leaks

Some of these player actions were inspired by Rockstar's other best-selling game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar suffered a massive leak for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 more than a month ago. The "network intrusion", allegedly performed by a otorious hacker group, released 90 pieces of alpha gameplay footage and other materials for the game. There were even mentions of the source code being obtained by the group.

Gta Cover
The upcoming game will have 11 new player actions.

Ever since the leak, fans of Grand Theft Auto have been hard at work, piecing together the clues left by the hacking group. Gamers have been reconstructing the map of Vice City and discovering other features of the game from the footage and other materials that were leaked.

Fans have recently uncovered more gameplay details for the upcoming sequel to GTA 5. Twitter user @Staatskassen shared a developer screen that revealed some actions that the player could make in GTA6.

Of the eleven player actions that have been revealed, three already exist in GTA 5, namely Covermode, Crouch, and Look Behind. Players currently have the ability to go into a stealth stance which is an alternative to a crouch. The character can also hide behind cover and has the ability to look behind.

Something new to the series would be the ability to go prone. This ability can open up a whole new set of related actions such as having a stable platform when using a sniper rifle or crawling under obstacles.

Rdr Art
Some of the listed player actions already exist in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Melee Grapple is a new addition to the GTA series but has been present in another Rockstar Game. Red Dead Redemption 2 allowed players to use the melee grapple when engaging in fistfights. This ability allows gamers to choke, beat, and throw NPCs against a wall or window.

The surrender feature is another mechanic that GTA 6 might copy from RDR2. In the game, players could surrender to law enforcers to avoid paying bounties or being hunted down.

Additionally, there have been reports that GTA 6 will have a cinematic mode similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. This gives the player the ability to set a waypoint and enjoy cinematic rendering of the surrounding environment as the AI takes over. It would add a new layer of immersive experience to the game.

There has also been leaked information that the dialogue system for Red Dead Redemption 2 will be adopted in the GTA sequel. The system gave players an option to choose actions they want to perform which had an impact on the game world. The features from Red Dead Redemption 2 make a whole lot of sense as it has been reported that GTA 6 will be using an updated RAGE engine used in the Western shooter.

Rdr Cinematic View
Adding a Cinematic View mode to GTA 6 would certainly bump up the immersive feel of the game.

There are some new player actions such as Downed Self Revive and Downed Suicide that are new to the series. These may be for the online multiplayer component of the game and is similar to the functionality of games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Buddy Comms and Buddy Ping are two new features for a Rockstar game, which will come in handy for the upcoming game's presumed massive open-world map.

It would be interesting to know what other details fans can uncover from the leaks. For now, gamers are waiting for an official announcement and reveal for GTA 6 from Rockstar. The studio has said that the leaks will not have an impact on the development of the new game.

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