Rockstar might have just sneaked a GTA 6 teaser in the latest GTA 5 trailer

With Rockstar going radio silent on GTA 6, fans are gasping at straws at this point, but some believe that they've found proof of a teaser in the latest GTA 5 trailer.

Let's take a trip back to 2013 and imagine that you're relaxing while playing Grand Theft Auto IV on your PS3 or Xbox 360. You're enjoying your time as Niko, as his cousin Roman sells him the American dream, only for Rockstar to announce that Grand Theft Auto V was finally going to release in September. Of course, you're excited. After all, this is the latest GTA game we're talking about. Little could anyone imagine though that this was the last time anyone would ever feel the excitement of Rockstar dropping news of the impending release of a new GTA game.

At this point, fans will believe that everything they see from Rockstar is a clue for GTA VI.

However, some fans think that Rockstar got cheeky and decided to sneak in a little tidbit about GTA 6 in the most recent trailer for the remastered PS5 and Xbox Series X version of GTA 5.

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Did Rockstar just drop a subtle clue about GTA 6?

Why can't Rockstar just announce GTA VI?

Why Rockstar refuses to announce GTA 6, we've got no idea. Bethesda has already gone and made it public that The Elder Scrolls VI isn't going to release for quite some time. We're pretty sure GTA fans won't mind waiting as long as they know that there's something to wait for.

With that said, the GTA fandom is getting impatient.

One fan even went as far as to go on live television and ask the game show host if he knew when GTA VI was going to release. There's also that other fan that held up a sign on live television asking for a GTA 6 update. Perhaps it's also because of this impatience that people are spamming the dislike button on the latest GTA 5 trailer.

Some think that this license plate is proof that GTA VI will be set in the late 90s.

Thankfully, some GTA fans are channeling their frustration in a positive manner. For example, eagle-eyed observers noticed something in the latest GTA V trailer. According to the license plate that fans believe is a "clue", Rockstar just confirmed the setting for GTA VI. This is because of a license plate that reads 61SAL890, which some are interpreting as 6 is a late 90s.

Of course, this feels like reaching, but, then again, it's Rockstar we're talking about. These people like to mess with their audience's heads, so this hint might actually be real. On the other hand, it could be a red herring that Rockstar intentionally meant to put in the trailer and throw off audiences.

It should go without saying, but you should take everything you read about GTA VI with a grain of salt.

The most credible reports suggest that GTA VI isn't going to release until 2024 if not later. If this is true, then we shouldn't expect Rockstar to announce GTA VI until it's at least a year close to its release. Of course, the said reports aren't official information. Rockstar might still reveal the latest GTA installment earlier or later. We're hoping that it's the former.

In the meantime, those seeking a GTA alternative can look forward to the Saints Row reboot in February 2022.

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