GTA 6 to include surfing for the first time in the GTA franchise

Surfing would actually fit the all-but-confirmed setting of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is the Miami-inspired fictional city, Vice City.

GTA 5's water physics leaves a lot to be desired, especially at this day and age.

With billions already reportedly poured into Grand Theft Auto 6 as it Rockstar Games is believed to have developed a new engine specifically for the next GTA installment, the game is expected to look good.

But, as it turns out, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have even bigger plans for GTA 6.

According to the latest leaks, the game's engine, known as RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) is getting a significant upgrade. Contrary to some of today's biggest games, which have and will use Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5, Rockstar insists on using the RAGE engine to make the game world look and feel real. But, if you thought that Red Dead Redemption 2, which used the latest version of the RAGE engine, looked good, wait until you hear about what Rockstar is planning to do for GTA 6.

The latest rumor suggests that one of the major improvements in GTA 6 is its water physics.

A new and improved RAGE engine is good news for future Rockstar titles as well.

Water physics refers to how water behaves in the game, including how it looks, moves, and interacts with players as well as objects. In previous games, water was more of a backdrop than a feature. But, with GTA 6, it's speculated that water might play a more active role - literally. We're not just talking about more realistic waves, improved swimming mechanics, or a more lifelike interaction between objects and water. It's believed that GTA 6 will have a completely new feature: surfing!

This would be a first for the GTA series, which, if true, could let players take to the waters of the fictionalized Vice City and ride the waves.

If this feature is implemented in GTA 6, it would add another layer of complexity and enjoyment to the open-world aspect of the game.

We're just hoping that GTA 6 comes out sooner rather than later if only because the wait and anticipation is killing us.

What's even more important to note is that the feature adds credence to the leaks that GTA 6 will have a much larger map compared to GTA 5. If players can survive on the game's coastline, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the game's map. Not to mention, it gives Rockstar the opportunity to expand the storyline and fill it with surfing-related side activities.

Finally, can you imagine taking a break from the game's mission to ride the waves?

Of course, these are still rumors and Rockstar hasn't confirmed anything yet. But, if this is true, these features would take the gaming experience in GTA 6 to a whole other level.

For now, all we can do is wait for official news and keep our fingers crossed.

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