GTA Fans Think They Know When The Next Game Will Be Revealed

Crazy video game fan theories are nothing new. They're as old as the internet, and throughout the decades some even turned out to be true. We're going to go out on a limb and say this latest theory about the reveal, or even release, date of Grand Theft Auto 6 won't be counted among those.

Last Thursday, Rockstar brought a new vehicle to GTA Online called the Vetir. It's a rugged, ugly duckling of a military troop transport. For all intents and purposes, it was a regular addition to the game, part of the weekly drip-fed content scheme. Then some fans started looking at the font used on the reveal image for a bit longer.

This one we can definitely see

Some might say they discovered something hidden, others might say that you'll see anything if you look at the same image long enough. Either way, there might be a hidden message in the text - specifically, a date. You need to chop up the letters for it a bit, though.

The font used separated the letter E into a vertical chunk and three small squares, which next to the V looks suspiciously like the roman numeral for 6 if you cut off the end bit. In the latter half of the word, some creative omitting will yield what looks like a 7 and an 11.

This one... not so much

Believers of this theory believe the VI is a reference to the confirmed but unannounced GTA 6, with the 7 and 11 being a date referring to the game's reveal - or even release, if the Super Bowl theory turns out to be true. Considering Rockstar's history of taking their sweet time, we're not banking on that, since both date combinations - July 11 and November 7 - would be far too sudden.

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Then again, maybe the 7 and 11 means that upon release, GTA 6 will be a retailer exclusive and only available in 7-Eleven stores. We can come up with crazy theories too!

Aron Gerencser
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