EXCLUSIVE: GTA 6's RAGE features detailed, Unreal Engine 5 comparison, no GTA 6 teaser?

We have new information on what benefits RAGE will bring to Grand Theft Auto 6.

The Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) has been around since 2006. Several of Rockstar Games' most memorable open-world games, such as GTA IV and GTA V, are powered by it.

If all the info we just received about RAGE 9 is true, this is the kind of graphics that we can expect from GTA VI when using an appropriately-powered gaming PC.

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In recent years, Rockstar used the RAGE engine for 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2, making it rather unlikely that Rockstar would use a different engine for the next Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 6.

A reputable Rockstar source now claims that Rockstar has hugely ambitious plans for GTA VI's video game engine.

According to Matheusvictorbr, RAGE 9 will include multiple unique features, some of which will be exclusive to GTA 6, including massive improvements to how players and NPCs interact with each other and the world around them.

The same source says that RAGE 9 will also revolutionize environmental effects, including water physics and even how wind affects driving vehicles.

In addition, Rockstar is reportedly expecting RAGE 9 "to compete directly with Unreal Engine 5," with the RAGE engine already capable of supporting 16K textures as early as 2018. In comparison, Unreal Engine 4 maxes out at 8K resolution. Meanwhile, its latest iteration, Unreal Engine 5, can only support 12K resolution. We have been told that GTA 6 will benefit from the full force of the game engine's "revolutionary" mechanics.

Despite not getting a next-gen upgrade, Red Dead Redemption 2 remains one of the most beautiful games for the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

UE5 is the latest version of Epic Games' popular video game engine. Many consider it the best engine to date, with developers that once used in-house engines making the switch, such as CDPR with the next The Witcher game and BioWare with Mass Effect 4.

Going back to Rockstar's lofty goals for RAGE 9, Chris Klippel also previously mentioned how the sixth mainline GTA game will be ahead of its time, which is in line with what our sources have been advised.

In summary, here's what Matheusvictorbr has told us:

  • GTA 6 will use the RAGE 9 engine, which supports up to 16K textures.
  • The graphics will be revolutionary, especially in terms of environmental effects. For example, even the wind affects how your vehicle handles.
  • Rockstar will expand the way that NPCs interact with the world, building on the acclaimed NPC interactions found in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • The goal is to make GTA 6 is as realistic as possible.

Finally, we were told that GTA 6 will most certainly not disappoint.

Matheusvictorbr has built a solid reputation for leaking correct information when it comes to Rockstar titles. Most recently, he shared with us some new info on GTA 6, GTA Online DLC, and a GTA 4 remaster as well as the prices and release dates of the physical versions of GTA V: Expanded and Enhanced well before they were officially revealed.

Besides, is it really surprising that Rockstar wants to aim high with GTA 6?

GTA V is the second-best-selling video game of all time. It has sold more copies in less than ten years than most franchises do in decades. Rockstar must deliver, and we can see how the studio is hedging its bets to ensure that GTA VI doesn't fail.

GTA V's astronomical sales number will cast a dark and looming shadow over GTA VI for years.

Unfortunately, except for confirming that it is in development, Rockstar has kept a tight lid over sensitive GTA 6 information. We likely won't hear get much official GTA 6 news until we're closer to the game's release date, which could be 2024, 2025, or even 2027.

We do know that Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Interactive's CEO, wants fans to "stay tuned" for more GTA 6 news and, on that note, Matheusvictorbr also told is that the next time we see GTA VI will be in an official reveal trailer. Yes, that's right - apparently, Rockstar Games will skip a teaser with Grand Theft Auto VI!

In the meantime, Take-Two is not about to leave gamers hanging. According to a recent earnings presentation, Take-Two has at least 69 games planned to come out in the next 2-3 years.

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