The GTA 6 house photo mystery in GTA Trilogy might have just been solved

After a week of speculation, fans believe that they've solved the truth behind the mystery photo found in the remastered GTA: San Andreas.

Hands up if you were one of the many fans that was disappointed to find out that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition was a buggy mess?

It sure does look like that GTA VI will bring gamers back to Vice City.

It hasn't even been a month since GTA Trilogy was released by Rockstar Games and players are already demanding a refund. Thankfully, Rockstar Games are hard at work providing a fix, with the latest update now officially online.

However, despite GTA Trilogy's horrid state at launch and even through to today, hardcore fans haven't stopped combing through each game to look for new secrets and Easter eggs. One, in particular, is believed to be a tease for GTA 6's setting.

Less than a week after the photo of the mysterious house with a UFO went viral, fans appear to have found out the truth.

What's the truth behind the mysterious photo in San Andreas?

We can only hope that Rockstar releases more news about GTA VI in the next few months.

Players playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Definitive Edition will find a series of photos inside the Lil' Probe'Inn in San Andreas. Upon closer glance, you can see that these photos feature various locations from GTA 5 and other Rockstar games. One thing that all these pictures have in common is that there are all UFOs in the background. However, one image stands out because it shows a unique location that hasn't been featured in any other Rockstar game yet. Because of this, some fans went as far as to search for a real-world house counterpart.

It didn't take players long to find out that there was such a house that existed in real life in Miami, Florida.

It's amazing just how much work GTA fans are willing to put to prove a hypothesis.

According to Igrobar on the GTAForums, the mysterious house in the game looks a lot like a house in real life that several users spotted on Google Maps. Igrobar goes on to explain that the house in the photo is like a video game recreation of the one found in real life, with minimal differences, like the supposed GTA 6 house having 2 palm trees in the center and flower beds.

Of course, this is all mere speculation. But, it is interesting that the house does indeed look a lot like a real-life house in Miami, Florida. Miami is the inspiration for GTA: Vice City's titular setting, Vice City, as well as the rumored location for GTA 6.

With the next-gen version of GTA 5 releasing in 2022 and rumored remasters of GTA 4 as well as Red Dead Redemption coming in 2023, Rockstar might end up adding more GTA 6 clues for players to discover.

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