GTA 6 was originally going to have four protagonists with three major cities

This would coincide with some of the earliest leaks about GTA 6, specifically, "Project Americas".

Grand Theft Auto 6 is easily one of the most hyped games of all time. It's up there with The Elder Scrolls 6 as games that need to succeed. As the follow-up to the second-best-selling game of all time, Rockstar Games needs to deliver. The studio has likely cycled through at least a couple of builds over the years. In fact, one insider reveals that an earlier concept for GTA 6 featured three major cities and four protagonists.

GTA 6 could follow GTA 4 with two post-launch DLCs that introduced fan-favorite characters.

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As per Axios, the initial plan for GTA 6 was to literally one-up GTA 5 with one more protagonist with events that will take place across three cities. However, it now claimed that Rockstar eventually dialed down its ambitions.

At the moment, the consensus is that GTA 6 will have two protagonists, including the series' first-ever female lead.

Another report also denies claims that Rockstar wanted to have three protagonists for GTA 6. But, it did not say anything about four. However, since this is video game development in the 21st century we are talking about, Rockstar could always come back to its scrapped plans. Specifically, GTA 6 could get more DLC content that will introduce the canned protagonists as new characters.

GTA Online needs more content if GTA 6 is going to take much longer.

After all, GTA 5 did not have the best post-launch content outside of GTA Online. GTA 6 has a chance to outdo its predecessor by taking notes from GTA IV. The 2008 title had two DLCs, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, with original plots as well as characters with stories that are interconnected with the main storyline for GTA IV.

At the end of the day, all we can do is speculate. But, it is interesting that all these leaks are coming after the earlier Bloomberg report that revealed several important details about GTA 6 like how Rockstar has worked on the game since 2014.

Hopefully, Take-Two Interactive can shed more light on GTA 6 now that Rockstar Games has confirmed its existence earlier this year. We're looking forward to Take-Two's next earnings report later this month.

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