GTA 6 easter egg in Definitive Edition allegedly confirmed

An alleged screenshot from GTA 6 used as artwork in the remastered 3D era games has seemingly been confirmed by an informant.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is still, by all accounts, years away. The project has managed to build up an almost mythic feel, fueled entirely by an impatient fanbase and a seemingly never-ending stream of leaks both legitimate and otherwise. Even so, it just may be that we've had our first look at the game already - at least, one informant is convinced this is the case.

Gta 6 Easter Egg In Definitive Edition Allegedly Confirmed

When Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition launched, it sparked all manner of discourse in the fandom. Much of these conversations were about the quality of the remasters and the ways in which the release fell short; however some were focused on another aspect of the games entirely - a simple in-game picture.

A picture of a house, to be precise. Appearing as in-game artwork, the picture stuck a chord with many of the players who noticed it, and the theory that it is actually a sneaky and subtle first look at GTA 6 started spreading. The picture is clearly a render rather than an actual photo, and the architecture and style seems to match the kind you'd find in Florida.

Data mining and internet sleuthing ensued, with the community eventually concluding that the house does not appear in any other currently available Rockstar title and does not line up exactly with any real location. Since the studio has hidden hints about future releases in games before, the possibility of this being an early GTA 6 screenshot wasn't negligible.

Now, it seems like we have a soft confirmation - as much as anonymous sources "confirming" something to a reputable informant can hold any water. Going by Matheusvictorbr on Twitter, this user has shared accurate information about Rockstar titles ahead of time before - though they also got things wrong every now and then.

In a recent Tweet, they claim that their sources, whatever these may be, have confirmed that the house picture in question really is a preliminary screenshot from GTA 6, added to the Definitive Edition as a sneaky easter egg by the developers. If true, we bet they're surprised how quickly the fandom figured it out.

Gta 6 Easter Egg In Definitive Edition Allegedly Confirmed
While GTA 6 is years away, GTA 5 just entered a new era on current-gen consoles.

It is important to note that following this 'confirmation', fans should still take the news with a grain of salt - an anonymous informant with a spotty track record claiming their sources confirmed something is miles removed from concrete evidence.

Should this house really be an in-game location in GTA 6, we can totally see it becoming a kind of player pilgrimage location once found.

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