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GTA 5 and Online just got a motion blur slider

A new GTA 5 title update dropped on consoles, fixing some outstanding bugs in the latest port and adding a motion blur setting.

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When it comes to Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online, it's usually the bigger DLCs and content updates that get fanfare and attention. However, occasionally a smaller title update will bring something significant enough to the table to cause a buzz all by itself; this time, that feature is a motion blur slider.

Motion blur is, like chromatic aberration and an overuse of lens flaring, one of those visual effects that AAA games just love shoving into your face in order to sell the game as featuring cutting edge, top of the line graphics. In practice, it's ugly at best and outright nauseating at worst.

If, like us, you despise this pointless visual effect that achieved nothing beyond smudging the beautifully crafted scenery of the game, you now have a way to turn it off. On the other hand, if you by any chance happen to enjoy this offensive ocular insult but want to tone it down a little, you're also in luck.

Title update 1.56 for GTA 5 and Online has introduced a motion blur slider. As opposed to being a simple off and on switch as is the case with many games, you can actually fine tune the degree to which the visual effect actualizes on screen. This way, you can have a little motion blur, as a treat.

This feature only graces the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms running Expanded and Enhanced. If you are playing on others, or are still relying on backwards compatibility on the current-gen, the only bounty in this update amounts to bug fixes.

Gta 5 And Online Just Got A Motion Blur Slider
GTA 5's next-gen port had its own share of minor bugs, many of which were squashed by 1.56.

One of those bug fixes is pretty major, though - after the release of Expanded and Enhanced, players were receiving false bans, with a scary permanent ban alert screen, for simply loading into Online from story mode. This issue has now been fixed, and you can safely switch to the multiplayer mode straight from GTA 5.

GTA 5's 1.56 update is now live.

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