GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced to overhaul racing, cars

GTA Online has been accumulating content for almost a decade, and some of the older stuff hasn't been updated - until now.

While most fans are most eager about vaunted leaks regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, much more abundant are spilled beans about the upcoming Expanded and Enhanced port of GTA 5, which is once again being re-released on a new generation of consoles. This time around, it seems we've learned about overhauls planned for racing and some older vehicles.

It will be interesting to see how well the GTA V on the Nintendo Switch.

In Rockstar Games' quest to rival Bethesda's Skyrim for the title of most ports and re-releases (still a ways off, though), Expanded and Enhanced seeks to give GTA 5 yet another lease of life with new content and significant visual and technical enhancements on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as Online breaks off and goes standalone.

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Thanks to Rockstar's tendency to pre-load assets in updates while keeping them out of the game itself, presumably for testing purposes, data miners have been uncovering a steady stream of leaked content from E&E, backed with some hard evidence. When it came to DLCs for GTA Online, this made more sense, but we're curious why assets from what is essentially a new release that has been remastered is appearing in the current version.

After a previous leak revealed "chameleon" paint jobs for vehicles, which then got modded into the current version of GTA 5, new findings from data miners show that one of the goals of E&E is to overhaul some older content that might have become outdated in the years since its release.

Based on the mined info, it seems that Rockstar Games is giving the racing system a shakeup, either with some tweaks across the board or in the shape of a new multi-class variant where players can mix vehicles from more or less the entire range available in-game. With hard facts being as few as they are, it's also possible this is another riff on the Transform Races.

Six vehicles - each from different classes, with new performance tweaks most likely designed to help balance them out - are included in a new unused vehicle class that has been linked to previously unseen racing markers that were data mined back in December. These new icons have a shield logo with what looks like a "H" in it, and one is a time trial variant.

The vehicles up for an overhaul based on the code are the Brioso R/A, Sentinel XS, Turismo Classic, Banshee, Deveste Eight and the Hakuchou Drag. It is unclear if these performance tweaks are envisioned to be global, or only affecting this new racing mode - though it would be odd if the same vehicle performed significantly differently game mode to game mode.

Whatever ends up being the case, it looks like this new racing mode will have a Creator attached, like most DLC races did over the past few years. The new unused vehicle class with the six rides awaiting an update was initially dug out of the Creator, and hopefully that isn't just a temporary testing solution used by the devs - remember, this is all stuff that is work-in-progress and supposedly not to be seen by players.

We'll only know any of these details for sure in March, when the Expanded and Enhanced port releases worldwide.

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