This graphics comparison will make you miss Metal Gear

It's been over seven years since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out in 2015.

The Metal Gear franchise is one of the most influential IPs in gaming history. You could say it's part of the reason why stealth games today are what they are. After 2015's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gave us a glimpse of what Metal Gear could do with the use of modern technology, it would've been amazing to see at least one installment for current-gen consoles.

Graphics Comparison Metal Gear
We're hoping Konami has its eyes set on Metal Gear after Silent Hill.

However, as things stand, this is highly unlikely, which makes this graphics comparison sting.

In a Reddit post titled, "Solid snake comparison, we have come a long way.", a user did a comparison of what Metal Gear Solid looked like way back then to its latest title.

Snake Comp
Come a long way? Why, yes, we have indeed.

Just to clarify, the character models used in the image aren't all of Solid Snake. The left one is Solid Snake as depicted in the original Metal Gear Solid, which came out on the original PlayStation in 1998. The other one is an unused character model of Big Boss, who's known as Naked Snake, presumably from 2014's Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It's not Venom Snake either since it doesn't have the horns/shrapnel and the scar on the left eye.

In any case, without diving deep into the rabbit hole that is Metal Gear's lore, the point is how much graphics have evolved in just two decades.

Graphics Comparison Metal Gear
Venom Snake is a loyal subordinate of Big Boss who was hypnotized and made to believe that he was Naked Snake.

Hopefully, someone at Konami notices the still-fervent demand for more Metal Gear games. Then again, we don't blame Konami for hesitating after seeing the negative reaction to the 2018 title, Metal Gear Survive. Still, Konami could start with a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game. But, hey, who are we to say that it's not in the works already? After all, all of those rumors about Virtuous' Metal Gear Solid remake couldn't be all wrong, right?

Keep in mind, at this point last year, most of us didn't pay any mind to the rumors Konami was working on a new Silent Hill game, and look how it all turned out.

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