Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy accessed early, footage leaks

Some players have found ways to play GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition early, and gameplay footage has leaked.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is actually only properly launching tomorrow, but some fans managed to trick the system to let them play early. If you've really got that GTA itch and the next handful of hours seem like too excruciating a wait, then you're in luck - those who accessed the games early have leaked gameplay footage.

Players have posted footage from all three games online, though the video from San Andreas that's been making the rounds is sadly of the point-phone-camera-at-tv variety. GTA 3 and Vice City actually have captured footage though.

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Seeing the games in motion, complete with the updated UI, really drives home the visual improvements that the games have received. Initial responses to the decision to keep the original aesthetic with upgrade lighting, textures and particle effects were mixed to say the least, but we feel like seeing the games in motion will convert most critics.

All of the footage shows the earliest moments of each of the three games, although the hastily recorded San Andreas footage is just 40 odd seconds of CJ walking around, and a quick look at the GTA 5 style weapon wheel. On the other hand, the look at GTA 3 is half an hour long and includes the entire intro. Similarly, the Vice City video also shows the opening cutscene, but clocks in at just 15 minutes.

Now, we hardly think there is anyone left out there who didn't play these games in some form, but we guess avoid the footage if you don't want to get spoiled? In any case, seeing these classic games running at crisp, high resolutions and with fancy lighting effects sure kicks the nostalgia drive into gear.

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Rockstar Games hasn't bothered with going after these videos so far, and we doubt they'd waste any effort on it since GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition launches officially tomorrow, on the 11th of November. Not long to go!

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