Grand Theft Auto 6 might be officially announced in October

A now-DMCA's leak is teasing a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement next month ahead of an official trailer reveal.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may or may not be announced in October but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for the trailer.

The Grand Theft Auto series is the virtual equivalent of an adrenaline-packed blockbuster movie to the point that even the wait for its next installment - Grand Theft Auto VI - has had fans on the edge of their seats for years. The curtain of silence from Rockstar Games, the developer behind the iconic franchise, has been almost deafening. However, a recent rumor indicates that the company may finally be gearing up to drop a long-awaited announcement about GTA VI.

A veil of secrecy has kept any official confirmation about the game's development, features, and release date behind the curtains. It's been so excruciating that fans are making desperate, if not bizarre, cries for attention - like the individual who interrupted Geoff Keighley's opening speech at Gamescom Opening Night Live, proclaiming, "Bill Clinton wants to play GTA 6." That episode aside, most fans have been somewhat more patient, if we can call scouring the internet for leaks and rumors "patience." According to an infamous GTA insider known as Tez2, the stars are aligning for a possible announcement in the near future, with the release date tentatively floated as 2025. He suggests that the company could initiate a special event on GTA Online to tease the new game.

It wouldn't be a stretch for Rockstar to engage in such shenanigans; the developer is well-known for embedding teases and secrets within its titles. This speculative practice has taken on more credibility given the upcoming 10th anniversary of GTA Online this October, which would be the perfect opportunity for Rockstar to finally break its silence. Even Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games' parent company, has been cryptic about the game, its CEO Strauss Zelnick indicating that fiscal year 2025 will be a big one for them - leaving the audience to connect the dots.

However, recent developments have added a twist to this years-long saga. A leak, coming in the form of a voice memo attributed to Zelnick, specified an announcement for October with the game launching as early as October 2024. But skepticism abounds. The clip is speculated to be AI-generated, partly because of the awkward way Zelnick allegedly pronounces "VI" as "vee-eye" instead of "six." The clip was further scrutinized when it was taken down after copyright strikes - though whether this adds legitimacy or is part of an elaborate hoax remains unclear. Copyright claims in the digital sphere can often be murky, as shown by a recent Tekken 8 roster leak that turned out to be true for the most part after multiple takedown attempts.

Maybe the leaker should listen to the internet by uploading the same file to YouTube. The video sharing platform has a far more stringent copyright system compared to X's, after all. If it's still taken down by Take-Two Interactive, it may add a layer of credibility to the leak. At this point, the ball is in the court of the fans, who can only continue trawling through news and rumors, seeking credible hints while preparing themselves for what might or might not happen.

It definitely appears as if we should start saying goodbye to Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

The crux of the matter is that we're dealing with a game of 4D chess here, played between Take-Two and Rockstar, the fans, and possibly even hoaxers. It's all a thinking man's game - one full of tension, speculation, and a hope that tends to waver but never really fades.

Whether the leak is true or not, whether the announcement comes this fall or next year, one thing is certain: when GTA VI does make its grand entry, it will be nothing short of a seismic event in the gaming world.

For now, those interested in the latest word on the grapevine might want to keep their ears on the ground for the latest on, not just Grand Theft Auto, but also Red Dead Redemption

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