Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker claims to have Bully 2 details

According to a screenshot making the rounds, the hacker claims they have early development pictures, development plans, videos, and a PDF of the game.

Tea Pot, the hacker behind the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 hacks, has reportedly claimed to possess Bully 2 footage.

Contrary to other recent announcements, Henderson still believes that "something is going on" with the Bully series.
Contrary to other recent announcements, Henderson still believes that "something is going on" with the Bully series.

The source of this information is a screenshot of a conversation between an anonymous user and the alleged hacker. It shows the hacker confirming they have footage and early development pictures, among others, of Bully 2 for sale.

Bully 2 is the sequel to Rockstar Games’ 2006 game, Bully, which never saw the light of day. There are multiple accounts of when Rockstar canceled the game, with some saying that it happened in 2009 and others claiming it happened in 2017.

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Given the fact that Rockstar Games has never officially confirmed Bully 2’s development, gamers might be wont to disbelieve this rumor. However, if this is truly the hacker who was responsible for pulling off the Grand Theft Auto 6 hack, they are likely telling the truth. We should also consider a report from late last year suggesting that Rockstar meant to announce the sequel at The Game Awards 2021.

For a game that's over a decade old, Bully holds up well, especially on the PC.
Tea Pot, who recently hacked Rockstar Games, claims to have Bully 2 details.

Over the weekend, the hacker leaked numerous Grand Theft Auto 6 details, mainly footage and screenshots of the game’s early build. Following the leak, which is considered the biggest in gaming history, the hacker disclosed they will sell the game’s source code to any interested person for a five-figure sum.

Unfortunately for the leaker, someone has claimed to have possession of their identity after hacking them in retaliation. If this is true, Tea Pot is facing serious legal repercussions and could very well spend time in jail.

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