Gran Turismo 7 release date revealed at September PlayStation Showcase

The seventh numbered Gran Turismo title will release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4, 2022.

It appears that Gran Turismo 7 is finally on track to release sometime soon.

Gran Turismo 7 appears to bring the series back to its root after the lukewarm reception to 2017's Gran Turismo Sport.

As per Sony's announcement last Thursday during its latest PlayStation Showcase, Gran Turismo 7 will launch on March 4, 2022, for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7 pays homage to the classic 1997 racing sim

The latest Gran Turismo 7 trailer will evoke nostalgia in hardcore Gran Turismo fans.

After half a decade of development, the first Gran Turismo was released in 1997 for the original PlayStation. From there, the series never looked back. The original title went on to become the best-selling PlayStation game of all time, spawning a franchise that ended up selling more than 80 million units (and counting).

With that said, it only makes sense that the first numbered entry in the long line of racing games pays respects to the one game that started it all.

Mind you, the latest trailer wasn't all about looking back to the past. Sony and Polyphony Digital also took their time to show off the dozens of sleek cars that players will have a chance to drive in the game once it's available. Naturally, high-fidelity visuals were part of the showcase. However, what comes off as a surprise is that Gran Turismo 7 appears to have an open world for driving filled with points of interest and map icons, among others.

What gives further credence to this "theory" is the existence of a humongous garage that serves as the game's hub where players can store unlocked vehicles, as well as customize everything that they can get their hands on, including off-roading jeeps and classic sleeper builds, among others.

Gran Turismo 7 is shaping up to be the series best installment yet.

As always, Polyphony Digital is at the helm of the upcoming racing game. Sony originally announced Gran Turismo 7 as a PS5-exclusive for 2021. Unfortunately, in an interview earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment's CEO, Jim Ryan, revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the studio to push back the game's release date to a later time. Later on, Hermen Hulst confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 will also release on the PS4.

As we mentioned earlier, the franchise is nearly as old as the PlayStation brand itself. Gran Turismo is also widely considered one of the best racing sim series of all time. Sony has often relied on these racing games to showcase its console's technical capabilities. However, the series has had better days. Despite its ongoing popularity, 2017's Gran Turismo Sport was seen as a stark departure from the classic Gran Turismo formula that fans have come to love over the years.

With Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital will look to prove that the decades-old franchise still has what it takes to keep up with the likes of Forza Horizon 5.

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