The Gran Turismo 7 campaign might require an online connection at all times

Polyphony may have hidden a very important detail about Gran Turismo 7 requiring an online connection all the time.

Fans have waited for a new numbered Gran Turismo game for nearly a decade. Even though Gran Turismo Sport was released in 2017, it was more of a spin-off than a sequel. The game focused on the competitive aspect of racing, which is nice and all, but it alienated the more casual fans of the franchise. However, with Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital is looking to bring the series back to its roots, which is why plenty of fans are looking forward to the upcoming title.

Is Gran Turismo 7 an online-only game? A small imprint from the recent announcement suggests that it is.

With that said, it appears that Gran Turismo 7 is incorporating one of the worst things about Gran Turismo Sport.

Is Gran Turismo 7 going to be online only?

You'd think that Sony would have learned the lesson from its competitors by now.

Thanks to the latest gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo 7, players now know more about what to expect from Gran Turismo 7. In particular, fans were happy to see the return of GTA Campaign mode, among other familiar features along with new ones. Unfortunately, it appears that the return of fan-favorite features comes with a caveat. Eagle-eyed drivers noticed small print at the bottom of an official announcement on the PlayStation Blog saying that some "features require internet connection."

While the post did not specify which features will require a constant connection to the internet, it doesn't take an expert to know that Polyphony Digital was talking about the majority of the game. Of course, this includes the Campaign Mode. Livery Editor, Scapes, GT Cafe, GT Auto, and other legendary circuits, might require an internet connection to play as well.

Only time will tell just how much of Gran Turismo 7 will be playable offline.

This isn't the first time that such a thing has happened. The 2017 title, GT Sport, required an internet connection as well. However, as we already mentioned, GT Sport was a competitive racer right from the start. Polyphony did not design that game with a single-player experience in mind. On the other hand, series veterans are expecting to get access to the single-player campaign of Gran Turismo 7 without having to use the internet.

After all, Sony traditionally never required an always-on connection for its numbered Gran Turismo games, especially if it's just to access the single-player campaign.

At the moment, Polyphony could use some positive PR. The company has already delayed Gran Turismo 7 and made it available for the PS4 after initially announcing it as a PS5 exclusive. Making Gran Turismo 7 require a constant internet connection does not put it in a good position to make the wait worth it.

Hopefully, Polyphony clarifies which features will require an internet connection ahead of the game's launch on March 4, 2022.

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