Free Gotham Knights update adds 4-player co-op mode

The Heroic Assault and Showdown modes are now finally available in Gotham Knights.

After being The Suicide Squad's big baddie in James Gunn's superhero flick from last year, Starro is joining Gotham Knights next. However, unlike with The Suicide Squad, the massive, one-eyed extraterrestrial echinoderm won't be a story villain in Gotham Knights. Instead, the kaiju-like laser-shooting starfish will be a part of the game's new Heroic Assault game mode. Make no mistake, the nightmare material still won't be a good guy in the game - he'll be responsible for sending waves of enemies towards players, horde style.

Gotham Knights Update Player Co Op Mode
The reviews on Gotham Knights are starting to improve and free updates like this one will help.

As promised earlier this year, Gotham Knights just got a new update that will add two new modes to the game. The first one is the aforementioned "Heroic Assault", which is the long-promised four-player co-op horde mode. In it, players will work together to find through 30 waves of mind-controlled enemies.

In addition to "Heroic Assault", a new mode that came to Gotham Knights is "Showdown".

Unlike Heroic Assault, Showdown is a two-player online co-op mode. Players can choose to fight against "supercharged" versions of the game's villains. If you'd like to find out how much more difficult it'd be to square up against the likes of Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Harley Quinn, and Talia al Ghul, when they get all OP, this is for you. Don't worry, you'll also get rewards like legendary gear and a special suit for overcoming the challenge.

Both Showdown and Heroic Assault will serve as standalone experiences for those who own Gotham Knights. Both are free but you'll need to unlock them first. Heroic Assault becomes available after reaching Case File 05 in the main campaign. meanwhile, Showdown is locked until you've defeated each main villain Case File's boss.

Gotham Knights Update Player Co Op Mode
Starro is looking pretty small compared to his size in last year's The Suicide Squad.

Gotham Knights received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike when it came out last month and the public opinion hasn't changed much since. However, free updates such as this one could help persuade others to give it a chance.

In other news, James Gunn just confirmed DC Studios' plans to integrate future DC Games into the larger DC Universe.

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