Gotham Knights: Things You Need to Know

If you are reading this, then Batman is dead. And with a video, Bruce announces this news to the Bat Family. So far, we don't know if that's true since Batman is the master of deception, or what exactly happened. If you're thinking about Arkham Knight's ending, scratch that. Warner Bros Montréal said Gotham Knights is not a sequel to the Arkham franchise.

Gotham Knights Bat-Logo

What we know is: when the bat's away, the villains will play. Now it's up to the Dark Knight's sidekicks to become mainkicks and turn Gotham into a crime-free city once and for all... HAHAHAHA as if!

Who are the Gotham Knights?

In this game, they are four crimefighters from the Bat Family.

Barbara Gordon as the Batgirl. With incredible hacking skills, she goes to the dark streets of Gotham wielding her tonfa, and martial arts such as kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and capoeira.

Dick Grayson as Nightwing. The acrobat boy and oldest sidekick use his crime-fighting experience and Escrima Sticks to show justice doesn't sleep, only takes a nap.

Jason Todd as Red Hood. Or maybe Red Hood as Red Hood. Since coming back from the dead, he got peak human strength and an arsenal of weapons to bang-bang his enemies. However, to join the team, he is under the condition to be non-lethal. Red Hood using rubber bullets, that's a new one.

Tim Drake as Robin. The junior and genius detective is so hopeful that would make a great Superman sidekick. Uses a variety of stealth techniques with his trusted collapsible quarterstaff to protect Gotham's citizens. Also, has control over the Justice League satellite so he can do short warp jumps.

Robin, Robin, Batgirl and Robin

Plot and Characters in Gotham Knights

The story is completely original. No comic-books or movie adaptations. Batman is dead and he passes the baton (and tonfas and Escrima Sticks) to the Bat Family. Not much is known, except that Gotham is a mess as always and there's no more Bruce Wayne to protect it. Aside from the aforementioned characters, we also have some recurring and exciting new ones that until now hasn't had an opportunity to show their wicked moves and nefarious plans.

Mr. Freeze attacks Gotham with a weather manipulation device and we can see he is trying to build a snow park in the vicinity with ramps and a stunning lightning show. Bringing all the heat to himself in the trailer, we can confirm he is one of the boss fights in the game.

The Court of Owls will be the main antagonist of the game. It's an organization formed by the richest families in Gotham. They meet in secret wearing owl masks and shape the future of the city for their own benefit. In short, if there's something fundamentally bad in Gotham, it's because of their greed. To make things better, they have an army called Talons, professional killers in life that are revived after death using a type of serum that makes them incapable of feeling pain. In the comics, Mr. Freeze is the one that creates the serum.

Alfred and Montoya appear briefly communicating with the Knights through some device. They will probably act as advisors and oversee the operations on the go. We hopefully await for Alfred to spun some of his sarcastic British jokes while we avoid arresting a thief because its level is higher than ours.

Talon, deadly assassins impervious to pain and remorse

Gotham Knights Gameplay and Mechanics

WB Montréal itself qualifies the game genre as an open-world action RPG. The combat gameplay seems similar to the Batman games, and it's not your usual beat 'em up or button smasher. We have a health bar and a four gauge bar underneath, probably to unleash dramatically visually powerful skills. Some of the RPG features are evident, such as levels, both of the knights and the enemies, a loot system for crafting, and an ability tree.

Batgirls rides around Gotham with the Batcycle when suddenly Robin leaps from a teleport. Good ol' city is steadily thriving with crimes, villains, and to make things better, a corrupted GCPD. From the start, the city is ours to take, and fully open. It's up to the Knights to protect the city with several different approaches. Stealthily, grappling and batdiving on enemies or head-on tonfa-ing away. At a moment in the trailer, we can see that a marker in the upper right corner warns about a crime in progress and then changes when the GCPD intercepts - probably to support the offense.

How do we know all of this? We have a keen eye for details, a master's degree in investigation and inquiry by the Sherlock Holmes Institute of Detectives, and an outstanding trailer below:

Gotham Knights Release Date and Platforms

The game will be released in 2021, but no exact date was informed. Some speculate, due to a Gotham Knights Twitter post that it will launch July 16, 2021. But don't get your hopes up. Remember that we are living in an atypical period and the entertainment business was the most affected with delays.

Initially, the game will be released for the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Microsoft Windows.

Additional Features in Gotham Knights

We have multiplayer, yay! You can play the game entirely solo, but if want to do some sick combos or leech a better player, you can join their session. Unfortunately, no split-screen at the moment for those who like the warmth of proximity

Writer's note (and whining): since the addition of game updates, it's really hard to say or assume there won't be a feature since they can add it at any moment.

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