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Gotham Knights gameplay leaks online ahead of October 21 release

Someone managed to squeak in a 30-minute PS5 walkthrough on YouTube before it was DMCA'd.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Leaks Online Ahead Release
Gotham Knights will involve every iconic Batman character except for the Dark Knight himself.

Gotham Knights isn't set to come out until October 21, but it looks like a handful of gamers have got their hands on copies of the game early and they're now leaking sensitive information online.

The physical copies in the hands of the involved individuals are the reason why you might have seen gameplay footage of Gotham Knights online from non-official sources. Someone even managed to upload the first 30 minutes of Gotham Knights from the PlayStation 5, although this was quickly taken down.

If you don't want the story of Gotham Knights to be spoiled for you, you might want to stay off the internet for now.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Leaks Online Ahead Release
Things aren't looking good for Gotham Knights right now.

The most interesting part about Gotham Knights is the lack of a review. Usually, the review embargo lifts a week before the game comes out. In this case, critics should've already published what they think of the game over the weekend. Instead, there doesn't seem to be a review in sight.

This isn't a good sign for what's supposed to be one of Warner Bros.'s big games this year.

Keep in mind that reviews play a huge role in the sales of a game. Gotham Knights already generated controversy after being delayed several times and capping framerates on the PS5 and Xbox Series X despite being a current-gen exclusive title. By taking so long to lift the review embargo, Warner Bros. is giving the impression that it's worried about the public perception of Gotham Knights.

TLDR; Gotham Knights might be another miss for WB Games Montreal.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Leaks Online Ahead Release
Fingers crossed, the late review embargo lift for Gotham Knights isn't a bad sign.

In other news, Warner Bros. is still on track to release two big games next year with Hogwarts Legacy and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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