Gotham Knights free trial is available on PS Plus Premium

Premium subscribers can download the game from the PlayStation store.

Xbox Game Pass has taken much of the spotlight on the subscription service front with AAA titles coming to the service as soon as they hit the market, but PS Plus is playing catchup by making a handful of big AAA titles available to subscribers a lot sooner, some of which as free trials. After The Last of Us Part 1, the next game to be available to play for free is Gotham Knights.

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The trial version is now available to download on the PlayStation Store for PS Plus Premium subscribers.

Gotham Knights was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the same studio behind 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, and was released to mixed reviews last year on the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Sony recently introduced tiers to its PS Plus subscription service. Each tier has a different price point with the higher tiers naturally having more benefits. The PS Plus Premium is the highest tier which includes access to a library of classic titles, cloud gaming, and free trials for AAA games.

In Gotham Knights, gamers can choose to play as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood in the action RPG title.

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The free trial will last for just one hour.

Gotham Knights presents Gotham City as an open world similar to the Arkham series games. Players can explore the city at night, fight crime and do storyline quests. The quest system is non-linear and it allows players to work their way through a gripping campaign at their own pace.

In addition, Gotham Knights features a seamless cooperative multiplayer mode where players can drop in and out of sessions without interrupting the gameplay as well as RPG-style leveling and crafting systems.

Many gamers were disappointed with Gotham Knights did not have a performance mode option. The game was locked at 30fps on consoles without graphical options like ray-tracing unlike on the PC. The backlash came to a point that one of the game developers pinned the blame on the Xbox Series S.

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The game features a seamless cooperative mode for playing with friends.

Gotham Knights received mixed reviews from players and critics due to the graphical issues and repetitive combat system. However, reviewers loved the story and the investigation sequences.

Having the game as a free trial on PS Plus Premium allows gamers to play an hour of the game before deciding to purchase it. PS Plus Premium subscribers can head on to the PlayStation Store to download the free trial version of the game.

Speaking of Gotham Knights, there's an upcoming TV Show with the same name that will premiere on March 14.

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