Google is hiding a gross The Last of Us easter egg

The fungal outbreak has spread all the way from Jakarta to Texas and now to your browser.

google the last of us easter egg
Fun fact: Episode 2 of HBO's The Last of Us was Neil Druckmann's directorial debut.

Like the Infected, HBO's The Last of Us can't seem to stop itself from spreading. Just as the record-setting Episode 2 premiered, Google launched a creepy Easter Egg to help celebrate the show's success, and the new Cordyceps-inspired feature will either gross or impress you or maybe a little bit of both.

If you search "The Last of Us" on Google on both mobile platforms and desktops, you should see a red mushroom icon somewhere at the bottom of your browser window. If you tap it, an animated fungus will grow on your screen. The more you tap it, the more fungus will grow. The last we checked, you can only tap and make the fungus grow three times on mobile phones but sources say that it won't stop growing on the desktop.

You can share the images if you want or tap the "X" button to wipe it away from your screen, although we don't think it'll be doing your nightmares any favor.

HBO's The Last of Us isn't just a mere adaptation of the award-winning video game franchise by Naughty Dog. With Craig Maizin in tow and Neil Druckmann on board, HBO's The Last of Us is taking creative liberties to great effect. Episode 2 of the series showed us the subtle but significant changes the show is making from the source material, especially when it comes to the origins of the outbreak.

Gamers are now definitely looking forward to watching what else HBO's The Last of Us changes from the games while the more casual audiences should feel more invested in the live-action adaptation going forward.

google the last of us easter egg
Millions of viewers tuned in to watch Episode 2 of The Last of Us.

Speaking of Naughty Dog, the first-party PlayStation Studio is reportedly all-in on The Last of Us going forward. Sony has reportedly assigned an Uncharted reboot to a different studio to make way for Naughty Dog's upcoming projects, which might include The Last of Us Part III and the highly anticipated multiplayer The Last of Us spin-off. Given that HBO is all but guaranteed to renew the TV show, Naughty Dog will have its hands full for at least the next decade to have time for Nathan Drake's adventures.

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