GoldenEye 007 arrives on Xbox and Nintendo Switch Online on Friday

The 1997 Nintendo 64 classic game GoldenEye 007 is making a return to modern consoles.

The classic James Bond video game, GoldenEye 007, will arrive on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch on January 27, 2023. In some regions, the game will start rolling out on January 26, so it will be available globally by January 27th.

GoldenEye 007 was originally released in 1997.

GoldenEye 007’s re-release was originally announced in September 2022 but without a launch date and fans of the 26-year-old title will be excited to learn they can get their hands on it soon.

The game’s official description reads:

Enter a world of espionage as Bond in GoldenEye 007. Your covert operation to stop the GoldenEye weapon satellite spans the globe - you'll infiltrate underground bases, charge through a military train and slink around the depths of a jungle. Along the way, M will brief you on your objectives and Q Branch will support your efforts with an array of gadgets, but the ultimate success of this mission is yours alone.

The title will be available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles via the Xbox Game Pass. It will be equipped with objective-based stealth shooter gameplay, as well as a four-player split-screen multiplayer mode. The Xbox version, which has been updated for the modern era, will also offer different control options, achievements, and a 4K Ultra HD resolution.

GoldenEye 007 will be available on the Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass.

On the other hand, the Switch version of the title will be available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service, but with the Expansion Pack membership. Switch users will have the option to play in either the single-player or multiplayer mode, be it locally or online. The Switch version of the game is the only one that offers an online multiplayer mode, as the Xbox version only offers that option locally.

Gamers who purchased Rare’s 30-game digital compilation of video games, Rare Replay, released as part of the studio’s 30th anniversary, will be able to access the title for free.

Inspired by the 1995 James Bond movie of the same title, GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rare and first published for the Nintendo 64. The game was ahead of its time and pioneered several features that would later be incorporated in future games. While it performed below expectation, GoldenEye 007 still sold enough to become the third-best-selling title for the Nintendo 64.

Bond fans should watch out for the game’s release on Friday, January 27th.

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