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Godzilla and King Kong easter eggs afoot in Warzone

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While the main theme for Season 3 in Call of Duty: Vanguard is supposedly Classified Arms, following the grounded and realistic on-going storyline Activision is building over the course of seasonal updates, absolutely all of the thunder is being stolen by the flashy crossover happening in Warzone.

Godzilla and King Kong will soon drop into the free to play battle royale, and easter eggs related to these kaiju are already around.

Players should already be looking around Caldera, hunting for easter eggs hinting at the involvement of the movie monsters, and how Monarch factors into all of this. The fact alone that the organization from the movie universe is appearing makes it clear which exact continuity of these creatures' long history we're crossing over with, here.

It isn't clear what kind of easter eggs players should be looking for, exactly. Raven Software’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins briefly spoke about there being plenty of hidden goodies in the game already with CharlieIntel, but left the details for fans to discover - that is, after all, part of the fun.

Even so, dedicated cyber sleuths should keep their eyes peeled for anything suspicious, not just for easter eggs of the kaiju kind. Apparently, there are already hints laid down for Season 4 of Warzone, which is slated to bring the most drastic change to the Caldera map yet.

Godzilla And King Kong Easter Eggs Afoot In Warzone

When Activision went over the content roadmap and overview of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 3, they also elaborated on the mid-season update. This too is slated to usher in some major changes, and will also involve a revamped Rebirth Island to some degree. According to the official blog post, hints about what to expect are already hidden in-game.

This gives those among you with a penchant for detective work plenty of threads to follow up. You can look for easter eggs about Godzilla, King Kong, Season 3's mid-season update and Season 4, all bustling in Caldera right now - so get digging!

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