Godzilla and King Kong will soon tear up Call of Duty: Warzone

Season 3: Classified Arms has kicked off in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. Here's what that means for the battle royale.

Season 3 has arrived to Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard, bringing Classified Arms and setting up Operation Monarch. Though the two games share a lot of content, especially when it comes to seasons, there are still some differences between the mainline multiplayer and the free to play battle royale.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 Roadmap Revealed

Having covered the additions to Vanguard in a previous post, now we take a look at Warzone, and the ways Caldera is being prepared for a battle between world-famous monsters right out of cinema. New operators and weapons are shared, so you can read about those in our Vanguard coverage.

Map Changes

While the big slam down between the lizard and the ape is only happening later in May, Caldera is already going through key changes to set up the match. Several areas on the island have been renovated or altered, and the organization from the movies called Monarch is setting up shop locally.

Godzilla And King Kong Will Soon Tear Up Call Of Duty: Warzone
Deadliest catch.

As mining operations have expanded, excavations have unearthed skeletal remains much larger than any known animal. The dig site with the new monstrous skull and bones is sure to be a combat hot spot, featuring contracts, maps and a great deal of verticality allowing for ambushes.

Meanwhile, Monarch has quickly refurbished the fortification atop the Caldera peak. Construction on the buildings has been completed, and the fortress complex is open for Operators to pillage and fight through. Expect this to be a popular drop zone.

Godzilla And King Kong Will Soon Tear Up Call Of Duty: Warzone
Relevant to both Monarch and the mid-season update.

Speaking of popular drop zones, the airstrip has also been renovated, complete with hangar and barracks buildings hiding all kinds of loot. Situated further from the island's center, we imagine a lot of players will aim for it when dropping into the Warzone.

Previously, the lighthouse and lagoon had a single point of approach, funneling players along a single path that greatly informed the tactics used around that area. Now, a sand bar has appeared thanks to changing tides, opening a second vector of attack, entirely altering the dynamics of your firefights around the zone.

Godzilla And King Kong Will Soon Tear Up Call Of Duty: Warzone
Standing next to barrels of flammable liquid is a pro-gamer move.

Caldera is also getting a brand new gulag - well, new to the game. Eliminated players will find themselves in the cargo hold (lending the location's name, The Hold) of a ship moored off the island's coast. Organized around three symmetric lanes and a larger open area in the middle, there is room to utilize various tactics despite the restricted space.

Operation Monarch

Starting on May 11, the Godzilla and King Kong crossover will kick off in earnest with Operation Monarch. We don't yet know what this precisely means from a gameplay perspective, but the monsters will personally show up at the very least, making for quite the spectacular event. In the meantime, slight updates to the game will continue building up to the big finale.

Godzilla And King Kong Will Soon Tear Up Call Of Duty: Warzone
Minty fresh.

Non-crossover motions are being set up as well. Activision has teased the on-going storyline's continuation once the mid-Season update drops, and it will involve Rebirth Island in some capacity. Meanwhile, hints regarding this update have been hidden in Caldera already, so maybe the community's virtual sleuths will uncover new info.

Season 3 in Call of Duty: Warzone is now live.

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