Godfall PS4 Release Imminent Following PEGI Rating Sighting

One of the very few PS5 exclusives on the market, Godfall was billed as a true next-gen title. However, upon its release in November 2020, Godfall was met with mostly mixed reactions. Although many loved how good Godfall looked and how it tried to add a melee twist to the entire looter-shooter formula, Godfall lacked any substance and content with very little endgame to boot.

Godfall's PS5 exclusivity might be coming to an end after 6 months.

Fast forward to April of 2021 and it seems like a Godfall PS4 release is due soon.

Is the Godfall PS4 Version Confirmed?

Repetitive gameplay and lack of endgame content are two of the biggest flaws of Godfall.

Godfall was developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox. It was released for the PlayStation 5 and the PC in November 2020. This means that, technically, Godfall is not a true PS5-exclusive. Also, if the recent sightings are to be believed, it won't be a true next-gen title any longer.

Thanks to the European video game rating board, PEGI, eagle-eyed fans now have reason to believe that Godfall is heading to the PlayStation 4.

If you head on over to the PEGI website, you can see clearly that PEGI recently altered the listing for Godfall. In addition to its November 12 and 19 release date for the PC and PlayStation 5, respectively, the listing now includes a PlayStation 4 release set on April 23, 2021.

As of the time of writing, Godfall is not available on the PlayStation 4 just yet. This means that the date is incorrect. However, the fact that PEGI updated the listing suggests that a Godfall PS4 release is indeed coming. Just when exactly Godfall will release on the PlayStation 4 is not public information right now.

Neither Counterplay Games nor Gearbox Software has yet to address the PEGI listing update, so it is possible that this all just a misunderstanding. On the other hand, PEGI listings are often very accurate.

When is the Godfall PS4 Version Release Date?

Godfall's lack of success could also be attributed to the severe PS5 shortage at launch, which extends until today.

As we have already mentioned, the PS4 release of Godfall has yet to be confirmed. This means that we have no release date at the moment. However, the timing does coincide with Sony's ramped-up efforts to try and keep up with Microsoft's video game subscription service, the Xbox Game Pass. Although this is pure speculation on our part. There is a possibility that Sony will add Godfall to the PlayStation Plus lineup in May. This would mirror what Microsoft did for People Can Fly's shooter-looter, Outriders, in April.

Of course, Outriders is the better game of the two. Even with the bugs and issues, Outriders continues to attract players in droves. Still, a release on the PlayStation 4 could help boost the player count for Godfall. It's worth mentioning that a relatively unknown IP like Godfall also shot itself in the foot by releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store on the PC.

If a PlayStation 4 release of Godfall does happen, Counterplay Games will have added incentive to address the earlier issues of the game. If the player count shoots up and there is a demand, they'll have to make improvements and continue supporting Godfall.

Here's to hoping that Counterplay Games or Gearbox Software will release a statement clarifying whether or not a PS4 version of Godfall will release soon.

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