Godfall on PS4: Release Date, Trailers, Downloadable Content, and More

Nearly two years after it was first revealed at The Game Awards 2019 and almost a year after it was first released on the PS5 and PC, Gearbox's third-person action RPG, Godfall, is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Backporting Godfall to the PS4 is a first for Sony, Counterplay Games, and/or Gearbox.

It's been a peculiar ride so far for what was supposed to be a next-gen title. Instead of being exclusive to just PS5 owners (at least on consoles), Counterplay Games and Gearbox will be bringing over Godfall to the PlayStation 4, which is a first for this generation of consoles.

Below, we will go through every available information about Godfall on PS4 in an attempt to clarify everything.

When Is The Release Date of Godfall on PS4?

Godfall was previously rumored to be making its way to the PlayStation 4 after details of its PEGI rating emerged. Months later at E3 2021, Gearbox confirmed that Godfall will indeed be available on the PS4.

Godfall on PS4 will release on August 10, 2021. Unsurprisingly, Godfall will come with a free PS5 upgrade for PS4 owners who are planning to get the game on the PS4 and upgrade to a PS5 later on. In addition to this, Godfall on the PS4 will be cross-gen compatible, which means that players on the PS4 and PS5 can team up with each other.

Unfortunately, because Godfall is not a cross-play or cross-save title, players on the PS4 and PS5 cannot team up with those on the PC and vice versa.

How Will Godfall on PS4 Perform?

Godfall runs surprisingly well on AMD's RX480 on the PC. This should bode well for anyone hoping it will enjoy a smooth performance on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

What is perhaps the most interesting thing about backporting Godfall on the PS4 is how well it will perform on the older consoles.

We know that Counterplay Games meant for Godfall to be a next-gen exclusive. This means that Godfall shouldn't look as pretty or play as well on the PS4 and/or PS4 Pro. But, just how much of a performance dip will it experience on the older generation of PlayStation consoles is not something we can answer yet.

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Counterplay Games nor Gearbox have yet to announce official performance numbers of Godfall on the PS4 or PS4 Pro.

For now, we can only assume that because Godfall runs on Native 4K at 60 FPS on the PS5, it will run at 1080p at 30 FPS on the base PS4. As for the PS4 Pro, we can expect slightly better performance for Godfall with at least 60 FPS, although we wouldn't be surprised if Godfall ends up running at just 30 FPS on the PS4 Pro with support for HDR to minimize the visual hit.

Is There Going To Be Additional Content for Godfall on PS4?

Unfortunately, Godfall's first expansion isn't free.

Counterplay Games revealed at E3 2021 that Godfall will receive new content along with its release on the PS4.

The first of these series of new content coming to Godfall is the free The Lightbringer update. This will bring new and more powerful endgame loot to the looter-shooter, the Lightbringer.

In addition to the free update, Godfall is also set to receive its first-ever expansion, Fire and Darkness. This will take players to a brand new area, the Fire Realm, that will have its own set of bosses for players to test their mettle against, as well as new items and gear to loot.

Along with the free content update and expansion, Godfall will be getting new cosmetic options and matchmaking. The latter should help those who are having a hard time at the Ascended Tower of Trials.

Will Other Next-Gen Games Join Godfall on PS4?

After confirming Gran Turismo 7 as a PS5 exclusive, Sony has since announced that it will also release on the PS4 as well.

Counterplay Games and Sony's decision to bring Godfall to the PS4 set a precedent for future exclusives. This might not end up being the norm, but it does make you wonder if other next-gen exclusives will be coming to the PS4 anytime soon.

We can assume that the decision behind backporting Godfall to the PS4 stems from the game's lack of commercial success. Not to mention, the game's multiplayer component means that it stands to benefit from having a larger player base, something that was difficult to achieve on the PS5.

On that note, Sony might as well release Destruction Allstars on the PS4. HouseMarque's Returnal would also probably do good on the PS4, as well as Bluepoint Games' Demon's Souls remake.

Of course, this is all just speculation and there's no way to confirm anything until Sony makes an official announcement.

If it's any consolation, Sony is making future PS5 exclusives available on the PS4. A good example of this is Gran Turismo 7 and the unnamed God of War sequel. Both were previously "confirmed" to be exclusive to the PS5. However, Sony seems to have backtracked on its earlier decision.

Now, if Godfall's release on the PS4 is successful, expect to see other PS5-exclusives making their way to the PS4 soon.

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