People Can Fly Promises God Roll Gear for Outriders Item Wipe Victims

For a looter shooter, the worst thing that can happen is for players to lose all of their hard-earned loot. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened with the looter shooter, Outriders.

Kudos to Square Enix and People Can Fly, they've taken the messy launch of Outriders in stride.

So prevalent was the item wipe bug that players threatened to quit the game altogether. However, following a recent patch, Square Enix and People Can Fly are confident that players will no longer need to worry about entire inventories going missing.

With the problem fixed for the foreseeable future, the Outriders team now has their eyes on restoring the items of those who were unfortunate enough to have their inventories wiped before the fix.

What Is God Roll Gear?

While it's still unfortunate that players had to lose their gear in the first place, at least the returned items will be of a similar quality if not better.

A Square Enix representative clarified the situation via a post on Reddit. u/thearcan explained that players who lost items to the inventory wipe issue will receive the equivalent items with the same attribute combinations. However, as a bonus, the same items will come with "God Roll values".

For those that don't know what means, a "God Roll value" guarantees that the item will have similar or better quality than the ones that the victims lost.

In addition to guaranteeing the quality and rarity of the replacement items, u/thearcan also talked about how Square Enix will consider World Tiers and Challenge Tiers, as well as the highest available equip level of the victim's character, before replacing the lost items.

So, if you lost your items while you were on World Tier 2, your new gear will remain just as relevant and powerful if not even more so even if you're already on a higher World Tier.

TLDR; Square Enix wants to make sure that players can still use all the returned items once they're added back into their inventories.

When Will Item Wipe Victims Receive their God Roll Gear?

Judging by how quickly People Can Fly and Square Enix have fixed the launch issues of Outriders, they should finish restoring the inventories within the next couple of weeks.

In the same post, u/thearcan detailed how Square Enix plans on getting players their stuff back by splitting players into multiple groups. Square Enix will group players with an "unplayable character with an invalid theory" in Group A. Group B will be for those players with characters who have lost gear but still have valid inventories. Finally, Group C will be for players whose characters remain unaffected by the problem.

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For players in Group A, Square Enix will restore all the items equipped at the time during the inventory wipe. Square Enix will also restore all accolades you might have completed or reached the final tier. Unfortunately, Square Enix will not be able to restore any interim tiers and progress for any Accolade.

For players in Group B, Square Enix will restore up to 20 legendary items that were wiped from your inventory. Square Enix will also be restoring all other Accolade tiers you have already completed.

While this is all good news, Square Enix has yet to provide a date when they will start the item restoration.

What's Next for Outriders?

People Can Fly never billed Outriders as a live-service game. This explains why People Can Fly nor Square Enix released a post-launch content roadmap following the game's release. However, now that the game has gone on to become a massive success, the only natural course of action is to continue supporting the game.

For now, though, the Outriders development team doesn't seem worried about DLC content or expansion. So far, their priority lies in fixing the launch issues and implementing quality-of-life improvements, and they've been right on the money. People Can Fly has fixed issues like the inventory wipe bug without taking too long.

In the meantime, you can check out what Outriders has to offer by following our build guides. We currently have guides for the Fire Storm Pyromancer and Demolisher Technomancer, as well as the Legendary Sniper Rifles and How to Beat Molten Acari.

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