God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo TV shows are in development

This makes it at least five TV shows based on popular Sony IPs with Twisted Metal and The Last of Us also on the docket.

More of PlayStation's biggest franchises are getting small-screen adaptations.

We're hoping that Netflix's Horizon adaptation starts with what led to the events of the first game.

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According to a report on ResetEra, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO, Tony Vinciquerra, had announced in a business briefing on Thursday that TV adaptations of God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo, are all in development.

Not only that, but two of the shows already have destinations. God of War is headed to Amazon, confirming earlier reports, and Netflix picking up Horizon. The report claims The Gran Turismo TV show doesn't have a streaming platform yet.

Sony's made it no secret that it wants to leverage the strength of its first-party library. After years of fans begging Sony to make a live-action adaptation, the wheels are finally turning. The first to drop was January's Uncharted live-action movie, which starred Tom Holland. The $120 million production made a little over $400 million at the global box office despite the negative reviews and all but secured a sequel.

Sony definitely appears to have become emboldened by Uncharted's success.

We're curious to find out which actor will be tapped to portray Kratos in a live-action adaptation of God of War

On top of the three aforementioned projects, PlayStation Productions is working on several others. The biggest of them all is HBO's The Last of Us TV series, which is proving to be a faithful adaptation of the source material. There's also Chad Stahelski's live-action Ghost of Tsushima film adaptation but we don't think that it's coming out anytime soon. Anthony Mackie is also set to star in a Twisted Metal TV series on Peacock with Ruben Fleischer off to work on a Jak and Daxter movie next following Uncharted.

Finally, even if it's not a Sony-owned IP, it's also worth mentioning that the Metal Gear Solid movie is still very much in development.

Ultimately, we believe this is just the start. Similar to Sony's plans to bring more live-service titles to the PlayStation platform, we should see an uptick in adaptations based on Sony's other best-selling franchises in the next few years.

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