God of War director wants to work on a Castlevania game next

Eric Williams recently called on fans to help Konami give Santa Monica Studio the keys to the Castlevania franchise.

The last two Castlevania games made by Konami weren't the publisher's best outing. Most notably, they were criticized as trying too hard to be like the next God of War. Fast forward to nearly a decade after Konami last visited the franchise and long-time Santa Monica Studio developer and God of War: Ragnarok director, Eric Williams, just let it be known that he'd like to get a shot at a Castlevania game.

God Of War Director Wants Castlevania Game
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was criticized for being too much like God of War when it came out in 2010.

Williams and the rest of Santa Monica Studio are currently riding the highs of God of War: Ragnarok after it set the second-highest critic score of the year and outsold all but FIFA 23 in its first week on the market (at least, in the United Kingdom).

Unfortunately, Ragnarok put a definitive end to Kratos' journey. This is probably why he's set his eyes on a different franchise, albeit one that isn't necessarily original.

Williams recently joined Kinda Funny Games Spoilercast where he said:

You guys can make it happen, because you have the audience of the world here... I don't know what I'm doing next, but if somebody gives me that Castlevania license, we would love to make that.

Williams has spent the majority of his career in the video game industry with Santa Monica Studio. He once told LA Times that he'd received offers from other companies before, only to refuse them because he doesn't mind being known as the "God of War guy". But, after proving himself with God of War: Ragnarok, we don't think Sony will mind throwing him a bone and calling up Konami to see if it's open to licensing Castlevania for a game or two to Sony.

The last we heard, Konami was working on new installments of its classic franchises, which includes Castlevania. However, we've heard zero credible info about new titles in the action-adventure video game series, which implies that a portion of the earlier rumors wasn't true.

God Of War Director Wants Castlevania Game
Santa Monica Studio could reboot the story of Lords of Shadow and add its own touches to it to fully realize its potential.

When you consider that Konami outsourced the Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill F, among others, to other studios, what's stopping them from doing the same to Castlevania? The worst that can happen is for Santa Monica Studio to work its usual magic and make a new Castlevania game that feels awfully similar to God of War albeit, this time, it'd be better since it's them making it and not a different studio.

If nothing else, what Santa Monica Studio did with the last two God of War games is a good example of what MercurySteam and Konami wanted to achieve with the pair of Lords of Shadow games but ultimately failed to do.

God Of War Director Wants Castlevania Game
Netflix's animated Castlevania series effectively signaled the revival of the genre-spawning franchise.

Only time will tell if Konami and Sony will listen to Williams' pleas. Until then, fans can look forward to the premiere of Castlevania: Nocturne on Netflix sometime in the future.

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